Who taught you DIY and the first construction works? This is Tata, who celebrates his holiday on June 23. For many of you, a big riddle is probably a gift. If you are looking for inspiration for Dad - builder, we have prepared ten gift proposals for you that are perfect for you. We are sure that among our very different plans, you will be able to find the ideal gift for your Dad.


Your father loves to drink morning coffee or afternoon tea? With a mug suited to his tastes, it will undoubtedly taste even better. A good quality ceramic, porcelain or steel cup will be an excellent choice for this Dad who can not part with his favourite drink even on the construction site!

Baseball cap

Hot days make people working outside should look after their heads. Cap with a visor is the perfect gift idea for Dad - builder. Taking care of his health and comfort, you show how important a person is to you. Logging in well-known and respected companies will make Tata stand out on many construction sites.


Sunglasses are a hit gift for Father's Day if your Dad is out in the sun during construction work. Eye protection is significant because dangerous UV rays also affect eyesight. Alternatively, maybe your dad works in particularly hazardous conditions for the eyes? In this case, protective goggles that perfectly protect against dust and impacts will be great!


For those who spend much time behind the wheel of an excavator or another construction vehicle, we recommend keychains that perfectly match any key. Well-known logins of construction companies will add character and will please more than one driver. We are sure that Your Dad will be delighted with the keychain in the shape of a miniature construction machine on which he works daily.

Multifunction tool

A good idea for Father's Day is also a multifunctional tool that will accompany your dad during repair work at home, garden or just on a camping trip! Indeed useful also during minor repairs of construction machinery and in various unexpected situations of everyday life.


Undoubtedly, a durable and compact torch will be useful to every Father. It is primarily a practical gift that you can use in various night situations. Does your dad work under challenging conditions on the construction site? No worries - some flashlights are resistant to weather conditions and substantial impacts and falls. Do not let the night be terrible!

USB memory

A high-quality USB stick is an exciting gift idea for Father's Day. It's not only a stylish gadget but above all a useful accessory for storing various files, documents, photos or videos that you can always have with you - even on the construction site! Logging in well-known companies is sure to please every enthusiast of the construction industry.


The undershirt is not a little gift idea for Father's Day! Cool and extremely comfortable T-shirt with the logo of your favourite construction company will inevitably fall to every recipient. Alternatively, maybe you choose a T-shirt that has UV filters that perfectly protect against sunlight on the construction site? Such a gift will be a hit!


If you are looking for an unusual gift for a building enthusiast, the idea of a donation will be a model of a construction machine in scale. Correctly mapped elements and colours make the model look the same as a real machine! The gift will be able to serve as an object of decoration in the office, home or favourite place. We are sure that your dad will be delighted with such a gift!


A set that presents the perfect idea when your dad has his favourite hobby. Is a fan of compactors? Does he love to tinker? Alternatively, maybe he loves to play golf in his free time? We can fulfil these and many other dreams - we invite you home with inspiration!

Photo from the banner: Designed by Freepik

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