The most popular demolition robot - Husqvarna DXR 140

The most popular demolition robot - Husqvarna DXR 140

Demolition robots are the future of the industry, some time ago on our blog we wrote about Husqvarna DXR series machines. The Swedish manufacturer offers us an extensive range of products. It is no different in the case of demolition robots. We distinguish here models such as Husqvarna DXR 310, Husqvarna DXR 300, Husqvarna DXR 270 and Husqvarna DXR 140. Robots differ in performance, weight and maximum operating range. In today's article, we will look closely at the features of the smallest and most-bought robot, the DXR140 model.

Why demolition robot?

Clients who decide to buy such devices most often are guided by the improvement of employee safety. The machine, thanks to the remote control, allows you to work from a safe place, without exposing the operator. The remote control also eliminates the problem of fatigue or the limit of working hours in the excavator. Demolition has never belonged to safe tasks due to falling debris or the risk of uncontrolled construction violation within the machine. Thanks to the demolition robots, the operator can control the machine from a safe place. Another important feature is the size. All robots from the DXR series have a width of no more than 780 mm, which allows entry into a standard door opening or for an industrial elevator. The compact size of the machine also makes it easy to transport it. Demolition robots from the DXR series also have a large working range. All machines have been equipped with electrical power, which ensures low noise and no emissions. A three-phase socket cable supplies power.

demolition robot Husqvarna DXR140

Well then, let’s get back to the DXR140 model - it's the smallest and most versatile robot in the series. It is characterized by a maximum working range of 4.4 m up and 3.7 m forward. The power of the electric motor is 15 kW, which is quite sufficient for most demolition works. The machine uses an displacement axial piston pump that provides excellent machine performance. The weight of the robot is equal to 985 kg, thanks to which its transport to the workplace does not cause any problems.
The smallest dimensions also characterize this model, the width of the machine is only 771 cm, height 854 mm, while the length is 1614 mm including the booms. The operator controls the machine using the remote control supplied with the kit. The remote control connects to the robot using a Bluetooth module, the range of which is up to 100 m. If the battery is discharged, it is also possible to connect the remote control directly to the machine using a cable. The remote control is characterized by very intuitive operation, and the built-in display allows on-going monitoring of parameters, changing the machine's operating modes depending on the connected working tool, configuration of individual settings including lights, sprinkler system and much more. The remote control also has an emergency shutdown button. For the convenience of work, a special shoulder holder has been included. Optionally, it is also possible to purchase a belt holder. The Husqvarna DXR 140 can also be equipped with the optional Hydraulic package (P1), which enables the user to precisely control one additional hydraulic function, e.g. the rotation of grippers or shears around its axis. Besides, the package also includes covers for external hydraulic motors.

Robot wyburzeniowy Husqvarna DXR140 demolition robots

Accessories for demolition robots

The model can be equipped with a wide range of accessories that significantly extend its use and enable the execution of almost all heavy and dangerous tasks at the construction site. It's worth mentioning accessories such as:

  • DCR100 crusher - used when demolishing building structures, including roofs, concrete and brick constructions. It is an excellent solution when precision is required when working indoors or in confined spaces. The weight of the crusher is 192 kg, while the maximum crushing force is 335/34 kN/t. The large cutting depth enables efficient work.
  • The multi grapple MG100 - as the name suggests, the device is used to grasp and carry large objects. The high gripping force ensures excellent performance during demolition work. A light construction is the main characteristics of the grapple because it weighs only 90 kg. The grapple can be rotated freely rotated.
  • Demolition hammer SB152 - is necessary during all demolition works. Its weight is 140 kg. An unquestionable advantage is the best impact force in the class. Demolition hammers can be equipped with several working tools.
  • DSS200 steel shearer - perfect for the toughest jobs. A great advantage is a rotating head, which provides excellent material access from every side, even in minimal space.
  • The DXR140 also has the option of buying a bucket to collect spoil. The buckets are available in three versions: narrow (300 mm), standard (520 mm) and wide (770 mm). All are characterized by a weight not exceeding 60 kg.

The film is the property of HusqvarnaCP

Demolition robots are undoubtedly the future of the industry, so you should consider buying them. However, it should be borne in mind that the purchase of such a device involves huge costs, so it is worth considering carefully which model will be the most optimal for us and what accessories we will use. For this purpose, of course, we encourage you to contact our specialists who will be happy to advise you during this investment. Contact us at the email address or call 731-431-134.

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