The best control systems for construction machines

The best control systems for construction machines

Automation - is an increasingly common word on global construction sites. The construction industry is eager to automate as many processes as possible, which brings benefits. It saves time and thus money. It increases safety and therefore protects people etc. On the market, there are also better and better control systems for construction machines.

Topcon 1D

Topcon 1D laser marking systems are the most versatile solution that can be used on virtually any construction machine used in the process of levelling the area. The system includes a sensor mounted on the machine and a laser levelling set in the axis of the road or square. Depending on the version, it is also possible to install a cabin receiver that connects wirelessly with the rest of the system.

The principle of operation is elementary. The levelling device determines the reference plane, and this information goes to the laser sensor on the machine. The operator receives light messages, thanks to which he knows precisely at what height the device is located and in which position the working element should be set. If an RD-100W receiver is installed in the cabin, this information is also displayed on it.

Thanks to the Topcon 1D system you can forget about time-consuming and costly geodetic surveys. The work is precise, fast and therefore much cheaper. The significant advantage of the system is the possibility of its expansion at virtually any time and the transfer of elements between the machines. This is an essential argument for entrepreneurs who are often afraid that one investment will entail more.

Topcon LS-B110-Pro

It is a system used for automatic levelling of terrain with the help of a machine that successfully replaces classic geodetic solutions, including optical measurements. Where does he surpass them? Practically everything, because it guarantees much higher precision of measurement and shorter time of completing the task.

Topcon LS-B110-Pro is based on sensors that are mounted on the dozer blade or a bucket. They collect information about the location of the machine relative to the terrain and then transmit data to the operator's cabin in which the display is located (in LS-B110W-Pro version). The operator knows exactly when to lift the blade or bucket, and in which to leave the equipment, thanks to which the levelling is exact and does not have to be preceded by tedious surveying work. Also, there is practically no risk of error - the operator can set the desired decrease in two directions and carry out the task solely based on indications from the sensors.

The system, of course, complements the leveller, which must be positioned in the axis of the road or construction site. The operator has the option of changing settings using a remote control. The assembly of the entire Topcon LS-B110-Pro system is straightforward (the sensors have been equipped with magnets), as well as its operation. You can not fail to mention the very affordable price that allows you to invest in this tool even for smaller companies.

The bulldozer control system is ideal for jobs requiring high precision - not only for typical levelling of the land but also for example for the construction of roads and pitches, which need a very even ground. System components can be mounted on virtually any machine. Of course, it is also always possible to switch to manual control.

Topcon X22

X22 is a very advanced excavator control system that can be used to perform almost any task: from excavation, through excavation with a slope and two falls, to digging ditches, profiling and sacking. The primary mission of the system is to control the depth and slope of the excavation, which, of course, translates into maximum precision and lowering labour costs.

The system consists of sensors that are placed on the excavator's working elements. They communicate wirelessly with the computer, which is a perfect solution, guaranteeing reliability and no problems in situations such as cable breaks. In the operator's cabin, there is a control unit with a readable colour monitor, on which all essential information about working parameters is displayed - also in graphical form.

The sensors analyse the position of the bucket all the time, thanks to which the operator knows exactly how much work he has to do to reach the desired depth or inclination angle. Similar solutions in the past had problems in steep terrain, which is why the X22 has been additionally equipped with a gyroscopic sensor that controls the machine's rotation (and thus eliminates the risk of measurement disturbance by terrain unevenness) and a laser sensor that monitors the level determined by the laser level.

The biggest advantages of the Topcon X22 system are:

• No need for continuous excavation measurements
• Much faster work
• Lower fuel consumption due to lack of downtime and confidence that the machine does not perform unnecessary work
• Effortless installation that the machine owner can take (just like calibration)
• Easy disassembly of sensors thanks to special mounting rails

The great advantage of the system is also controlling the depth of the excavation at the previously designated slope. As a result, very high precision is achieved when excavating for the needs of, for example, plumbing installations. The optional use of a tilt sensor allows you to work with the snares bucket.

Laser levels in the Topcon system

Each control system is based on two elements: sensors placed on the machine and levels adjusted in the axis of the road or construction site. This information from the leveller allows you to conduct exact work without the help of a surveyor.

The Topcon system includes 4 laser levels:

•    RL-H4C
•    RL-SV2S
•    RL-200 1S
•    RL-200 2S

The devices differ, of course, first of all in accuracy (the first two have a margin of error of 2.4mm / 50m, the last two only 1.7mm / 50m), the working range (analogically - 800 meters and 1,100 meters) and the range of decline (8.7 % for one direction in RL-H4C, 15% in axis in RL-SV2S, -5% to + 25% for one course in RL-200 1S and 10% in X-axis and -5% to + 25% in Y axis in RL-200 2S). All levels are IPX6 waterproof and dustproof and come with a five-year warranty.

The Topcon brand-building machine control systems, which are available in our offer, prove that the automation of work processes does not have to be complicated and paid for by huge expenses. We are glad that such solutions are becoming cheaper and thus available not only for the largest corporations.

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