Saving when scrubbing - Nilfisk EcoFlex system

Saving when scrubbing - Nilfisk EcoFlex system

The Ecoflex system is the proprietary solution of Nilfisk. Devices equipped with this function are characterised by better work efficiency and lower consumption of detergent. This solution favours the environment and saves time and money. What exactly is EcoFlex? We will answer this question in today's article.

Nilfisk EcoFlex allows much more efficient work, eliminates the need to clean the floor several times to remove heavy dirt. Thanks to the low consumption of operating fluids, it is possible to clean large surfaces without wasting time on changing water or detergent. The system is straightforward to use and works well on all hard surfaces.

The most important EcoFlex functions

  • Deep cleaning mode - the ideal solution for cleaning filthy areas. Perfect for a variety of surfaces from vinyl floors to concrete.
  • Ecological cleaning mode - this is an economy mode, characterised by low water consumption and standard brush pressure. It works well during routine cleaning of surfaces without the use of detergents.
  • Flexibility - only one button is used to change the device's efficiency to adapt it to the degree of soiling.
  • Ecological dosing function - low detergent consumption is possible thanks to a unique dosing system that adjusts the intensity of cleaning to the level of soil contamination.
  • Intelligent ecological mode reduces the amount of water consumed up to 70%.
  • No pre-mixing - the detergent with water mixes only in the brush. This solution helps to save operating fluids and eliminates the need for a solution tank for emptying.
  • Power boost function - EcoFlex system allows you to increase the device's power for 60 seconds. During the mode operation, the detergent power, solution flow and brush pressure are increased, allowing for one minute deep scrubbing — ideal for removing tough dirt.

Cleaning with water from the waterworks

Floors can be cleaned with clean water from the water supply. The Nilfisk EcoFlex system allows you to switch between modes - cleaning only using water or water with detergent. With one button you can change the intensity of cleaning.

Is electrolyzed water better than tap water?

To answer this question, Nilfisk specialists have developed a test procedure based on the accepted ASTM standards and best construction practices. The tests were carried out in two independent laboratories. Specialists measured cleaning performance using 3 different solutions:

  • Electrolyzed water
  • Water from the water supply network
  • Water from the water supply and detergent

The research results indicate that electrolysed water does not have a positive effect on improving the quality of scrubbing compared to tap water. Interestingly, a machine working with electrolysed water is not as capable as when it scrubs with regular detergent.

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