Recommended reversible compactors from 200 to 400 kg

Recommended reversible compactors from 200 to 400 kg

At soil compactors are a hot topic. We get many queries from you, which compactor to choose, what engine, what weight and what else to pay attention to? In today's article, we will try to show you where the compactors from 200 to 400 kg will work best, and we will present the most-bought models in this weight range.

Where is the compactor used up to 400kg?

Compactors up to 400 kg are machines that have many applications. Optimal weight allows for compaction of the anti-frost layer, preparation of substructures for cobblestones, construction of roads, parking lots and paths. In this weight range we deal with reversible vibratory plates, which enable work in two directions. The greater weight and size of the plate also allows you to compact a large area in less time. There are thickeners on the market equipped with a gasoline and diesel engine. Often, the choice of engine is individual customer preferences. Gasoline engines usually have good performance, but their service life is simply shorter. Diesel engines have a much longer service life and high efficiency.

Recommended models

Reversible vibrastory plate Wacker Neuson DPU 3060 HETS

This is the lightest machine in our statement. The Wacker Neuson DPU3060 HETS weights 215 kg. The device is equipped with a 5.4 kW Hatz 1B30 diesel engine. The width of the working plate is 600 mm, while its thickness is 10 mm, which in turn allows you to work in difficult conditions without the risk of serious damage. Wacker Neuson has equipped its compactor with special, durable wheels for transporting the machine. The transport system is resistant to all temperature changes. The device can also be transported on hot asphalt. The 5 l fuel tank allows for about two hours of intensive work.

Zagęszczarka rewersyjna Husqvarna LG204

Fot. Husqvarna (Reversible vibratory plate Husqvarna LG204)

Reversible vibratory plate Husqvarna LG204 Honda

As you know, Husqvarna has taken over the part of Atlas Copco responsible for concrete and soil compaction machines. The Husqvarna LG204 plate compactor is the equivalent of the Atlas Copco LG204 machine. The weight of the machine is 211 kg. The vibratory plate is equipped with a 4.1 kW Honda GX200 gasoline engine. The engine is started by manual start. The working width of the plate is 500 mm. The great advantage of the described reversible compactor is the very low level of vibrations transmitted to the operator, the value is only 3.5 m/s². The solid frame has also been equipped with a special transport handle, which allows you to easily move the compactor using an excavator or crane. Optionally, a 500 mm wide elastomer plate or a set of transport wheels can be purchased for the compactor.

Reversible vibratory Altrad Belle RPC 45/60 DE

Altrad Belle is a company with a very long history. The manufacturer's machines are characterized by excellent performance and quality of workmanship. The RPC45/60DE plate compactor weights 303 kg. The Altrad Belle plate is equipped with a 4.7 kW Hatz 1B30 diesel engine. The width of the working plate is 600 mm. The RPC plate compactor also has mounting holes for expansion plates. It is also worth mentioning a special handle to reduce vibrations. The machine is available with manual or optional electric start. All the most important components have been secured with a very durable casing, which is resistant even to very strong impacts.

Reversible vibratory plate Ammann APR 4920 DE

The Ammann APR4920DE model is the heaviest machine in our combination, its weight is 350 kg. The device is equipped with a 6.6 kW Hatz 1B40 diesel engine. The drive unit ensures excellent performance in all conditions. The 5 l fuel tank allows for long, uninterrupted operation. The Ammann plate compactors are equipped with a folding handle that perfectly absorbs vibrations. The standard plate width (450 mm) can be increased by optional extensions by 75 mm on each side. Optionally, you can also buy a machine hour meter and an elastomer plate (Vulcollan) for whipping the cube. The manufacturer also offers a paid option to extend the standard warranty to 3 years. The Ammann plate compactor has a very weatherproof and durable engine cover.

As you can see, the subject of compactors is very interesting, and choosing the right equipment can cause a lot of problems, especially if this is your first purchase. For more details, please contact our specialists at the email address or phone number 731-431-134.


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