Pumps and aerators for special tasks - Tsurumi

Pumps and aerators for special tasks - Tsurumi

Pumps and submersible sewage aerators are other groups of specialist products available at iSprzęt.pl. You can find them on our website in the submersible pumps department. However, they are not standard devices for pumping water since they have been designed for specific tasks, where strength, durability and reliability under challenging conditions matter.
One of the leading companies that specialise in the production of water and sewage pumps is Tsurumi Pump. The beginning of this brand dates back to 1924 (Tsurumi Shokai). At that time, the first irrigation pumps for irrigating agricultural land began to be produced. Thirty years later, deep water pumps began to be manufactured. In 1976, the company was officially founded in Hong Kong, two years later in Singapore, then in Chicago and 1983 in Düsseldorf. The breakthrough was 1990 when Tsurumi Pump shares began to be listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges. The following years resulted in further production and sales departments. This allowed the brand to gain trust and recognition in many countries around the world. Tsurumi Pump is also present in Poland, among others, in the iSprzęt.pl offer.
Sewage pumps are primarily used to transport contaminated water. Aerators, on the other hand, are designed to aerate, mix sewage and prevent sedimentation, i.e. sediment accumulation on the bottom.

Tsurumi Pump TRN submersible aerators

The construction of these devices consists simultaneously of the engine, agitator and compressor. The aerator rotor is mounted directly on the motor shaft. During operation, a vacuum is created, which pumps sewage, these then mix with air molecules. The resulting mixture flows radially with high intensity. Sewage flow caused by the aerator's operation ensures mixing and even aeration of the tank. Due to the steady stream of the liquid mixture, no dirt deposits are formed.

TRN aerators advantages

  • they are insensitive to frost;
  • they do not cause splashes;
  • they are easy to install, use and maintain;
  • have a large oil chamber;
  • body made of cast iron, movable parts are made of stainless steel;
  • the shaft and motor parts are correctly sealed;

Aerators applications and recommended models

Aerators can also be used where we want to compensate for sediment loads and prevent odours. These devices are great for removing organic substances and preventing odours. They can also be used as a tool for neutralising alkaline wastes with flue gas or CO2 and for flotation of oils and fats (method of particle separation of various substances). Aerators can also be used as a tool for aerating water in ponds.
The Tsurumi 32TRN 21.5 submersible aerator is a tool with a 1.5 kW motor and an injector with a diameter of 32 mm. The engine accelerates to around 2850 rated revolutions per minute. The entire structure weighs 55 kg and can be submerged to a depth of 10 m - enough to allow the cord. The resulting mixture propagates radially. It is different in the case of the Tsurumi 37-BER model because the water flows at high speed into the injector, there is a negative pressure created in the specially shaped Venturi tube that sucks in air. The resulting mixture of air and water flow in one direction and effectively aerates the tank. This aerator is much more massive because it weighs 91 kg, engine power is 3.7 kW.

Sewage pumps

Let's start by discussing the reliable Tsurumi 50B 2.75H pump. The device is equipped with a channel impeller that allows operation without clogging and blocking. On the occasion of this pump, we want to show that every Tsurumi device in iSprzęt.pl is described in the table named "detailed specification". We will find out, for example, that the pump is mainly made of GG20 cast iron and the EN-X6Cr13 and EN-X30Cr13 stainless steel shaft. It is also worth paying attention to data such as the diameter of pollutants, in this case, 20 mm, weight 24 kg, motor power 0.75 kW and length of durable cable 10 m. Additionally, you can embed this device on personal guides.

Let's stop for a moment at the Tsurumi 4-FSP pump. The first thing that strikes the eye in the construction of this model is three red, round floats that keep the shoe on the surface of the tank. The suction surface scraper, because we can also call this model, sucks in a floating sludge. Accidentally sucked in air and more significant impurities do not significantly affect the work culture of the device. The Tsurumi 4-FSP yield is 180 l/min, and the permissible impurity diameter is 16 mm. The whole weighs 36 kg, and the lift height is 4.9 m. Thanks to the adjustment screws, the inlet funnel can be set in the right position. Water, air and foam are continuously sucked in by the Venturi. FSP sucks in more foam and less water than comparable devices. This model can also be used to collect another liquid from the water surface.

Finally, let us mention the decanter pump with the Tsurumi FHP-8T channel impeller. Due to its construction, the pump pumps only clean water, which is collected above the sediment, thanks to the use of a photosensitive sensor. Contamination reduces the transparency of the water, which causes the pump to start or stop automatically. Thanks to the proper, unsinkable float the pump behaves stably even on the restless water surface. Said decanter also has a ball-shaped check valve that closes the inlet during stoppage, so that no dirt enters the inside. This pump has all the properties of Tsurumi submersible pumps in terms of construction and strength. It is also worth adding that the sensor is made of a light source and a photocell.

The Tsurumi brand is known primarily for its strength. If you are looking for devices for particular tasks, then this pump group is suitable. You have to realise that working in contaminated water, at different temperatures is very invasive. Therefore, each device is constructed of appropriate materials. We also recommend other pumps of this brand, which we can use, for example, at home pumping stations. If you are interested in a personalised offer, please contact us.

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