Proper use of construction equipment
Proper use of construction equipment

Proper use of construction equipment

Proper use of construction equipment allows for long-term and safe use. Unfortunately, for various reasons, machine operators often forget about the basic principles of operation, which translates into a shortened service life and efficiency of the equipment. In today's article, we will present the most critical aspects of the proper operation of construction machinery in terms of technical operation and user safety.


A large part of machines and construction tools is equipped with a combustion engine - diesel or gas. This guarantees full mobility and independence from the electricity grid. Unfortunately, servicing internal combustion engines requires more involvement than in the case of electric motors. What to remember when operating internal combustion engines?

  • Two-stroke engines require external lubrication. Remember to use the right mix of fuel and oil in the proportions recommended by the manufacturer (usually 1:50).
  • The use of original spare parts allows you to minimize the risk of a severe malfunction and maintain the engine efficiency at the highest level.
  • After prolonged work at high speed, wait about a minute before switching off the engine to cool it down.
  • Remember to regularly check the oil level in four-stroke engines, and replace the air and fuel filters.
  • Strictly follow all manufacturer's instructions, including service operations, contained in the equipment's instruction manual.
  • Before starting work at the highest speed, wait about 1 minute until the engine warms up and reaches working temperature.

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Power generators can provide access to electricity anywhere. There are lighter and cheaper aggregates with gasoline engines on the market and more expensive ones with durable diesel engines. Regardless of the fuel used, certain principles should be strictly adhered to, which will extend the life of the equipment and reduce the risk of damage to connected equipment and the aggregate itself.

  • The power generator should be located in an open space with free airflow due to the generated fumes and air cooling.
  • Before starting the machine, make sure it stands on a straight, stable surface and check the oil level in the engine and the air filter.
  • When starting the generator set, no devices should be connected to it. This should only be done after starting and warming up the engine.
  • The power of all devices connected to the aggregate should be lower than the energy generated by the aggregate. Remember to add the starting current of the tools to this.
  • Before switching off the unit, first, switch off all devices connected to it, and then disconnect them from the power sockets in the unit.
  • If the gasoline engine set will not be used for a long time, it is worth draining the remaining fuel from it, which over time winds and loses its quality.


The power tool group has a lot of different products. Due to its design, operation from the technical side does not require as much commitment as in the case of machines with internal combustion engines. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing some rules of operation of these devices that directly affect their service life and safety of use.

  • Before purchasing any power tool, check that it has the CE marking. You can be sure that the selected equipment meets the requirements of the New Approach directive, i.e. regarding the safety of use, protection of health and the environment.
  • When working with hand and table saws, be sure to use appropriate blades depending on the material being processed. In both cases, you must wear protective clothing, at least glasses or safety goggles. Even small pieces of wood can cause serious injury.
  • Also keep in mind that when cutting some components, large sparks may occur - be very careful and do so away from flammable objects or liquids.
  • When working with the drill, be sure not to use blunt or damaged drills and do not move the drill if the mounted drill is still rotating.
  • It is also a common mistake to cause the engine to overheat, e.g. when a drill bit jams in the material being processed.
  • When using an angle grinder, remember to wear protective clothing (in particular safety glasses) and to mount the cover.

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Petrol power cutters – use wisely!

Power cutters are widely used equipment in the construction and road industries. Operation of these devices requires knowledge of basic safety principles and process. The right choice of cutting disc is also crucial.

  • When working with the manual cutter, remember to ensure a stable position and the workpiece should be secured against accidental movement.
  • Stand parallel to the cutting disc when cutting. In the event of a chip or other dangerous situation, you will reduce the risk of injury. Remember to wear protective clothing!
  • Do not apply lateral pressure to the blade, and cut a straight line.
  • Do not cut above shoulder height. If necessary, cut using scaffolding or a platform. Never use a ladder!
  • Avoid cutting with the upper quarter of the blade circumference. This can lead to a rebound, which is particularly dangerous and difficult to control.
  • If possible, use a wet cutting technique. The lifetime of the disc increases then, and also water washes the material, removing the resulting abrasive and dust.



Diamond blades are used in many industries. They are used for cutting concrete, stone, brick, ceramic tiles, asphalt and many other materials. Diamond blades of various classes and designs are available on the market and in our store, which can be precisely adapted to specific activities. Regardless of the disc model used, it is worth knowing and following the universal rules regarding their operation.

  • When dry cutting, ensure proper idle cooling and limit yourself to cutting at shallower depths.
  • Excessive pressure on the disc or high feed speed may cause excessive overheating.
  • Diamond blades can be sharpened by cutting materials with an abrasive structure, e.g. brick or sandstone.

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Battery power cutter Husqvarna K535I


Chain saws come with internal combustion and electric motors powered from the mains or battery power. Chainsaws with internal combustion engines require more frequent maintenance, while the operation of battery saws is limited to checking the condition and tension of the chain and the oil level. However, it would be best if you stuck to specific rules that will keep your equipment in good working order and reduce the risk of injury.

  • When starting the gas chain saw, place it on a hard and stable surface, then hold the handle with one foot and hold the upper handle with your hand. With your other hand, pull the starter rope to start the engine. It is unacceptable to start the saw by holding it with one hand in the air, especially at the height of the torso.
  • Protective clothing is essential when working with a chain saw. The danger is not only the rotating chain but also shards of the workpiece.
  • Remember the right chain tension. It is best to check this before each start.
  • To extend the life of your internal combustion engine, be sure to warm it up before you start working at high speed.
  • Regardless of the drive type, the chain saw and chain drive require lubrication. Remember to check the oil level regularly.

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Chain saw Milwaukee


Compactors can most often be found in the construction and road industries. They allow the soil to be compacted mechanically by removing water and air particles from it. Our store offers alloy vibratory plates, unidirectional vibratory plates, bi-directional vibratory plates and suspended vibratory plates.

  • In the case of alloy compactors, switching between idling and high speed should be carried out as soon as possible. A slow rotation change can damage the centrifugal clutch and transmission components.
  • The vibratory plate must be started and used only on a soft surface.
  • To ensure optimal wear of the beater foot, the compactor should be guided in such a way that the foot hits the ground with its entire surface.
  • Alloy compactors are best transported in a vertical (working) position. If it is necessary to lie down, make sure the carburettor is on top. All details can be found in the device's instruction manual.
  • In the case of plate compactors, the tension of the V-belt must be checked regularly.
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