Proper service and purchase of a circular saw
Proper service and purchase of a circular saw

Proper service and purchase of a circular saw

Circular saw is a very popular tool, both in the home workshop and the renovation and construction industry. It is used for cutting various types of materials, such as wood or plastics. The choice of circular saws in the current market is quite large. The cheapest copies already cost several hundred zlotys, while for those from the top shelf, we need to prepare over a thousand. However, what shall we pay attention to when buying a circular saw and how to operate these tools safely? We will explain everything in today's article.

Types of circular saws

Circular saws are most often used to cut wood. They use carbide-tipped blades that are perfectly suited for processing such materials. The saw can also be equipped with a universal blade, which will work well when cutting such materials as wood, plastics, plywood, or other wood-based materials. There are also specialized discs on the market that are used to machine-specific materials.

Separate circular saws for manual and table saws. The first one is more handy and mobile. Usually powered by electricity or a battery. Small dimensions compared to table saws allow operation in hard-to-reach places and cutting objects of large sizes. Table saws are less mobile, but they have much more power and are intended for processing more material. Most often they are equipped with an electric motor.

Purchase of a circular saw – important parameters

There are some important parameters to consider when purchasing this type of equipment. It is also important what we use the saw for. First of all, it is worth looking at the maximum diameter of the disc. The maximum cutting depth and rotational speed of the disc are important. For battery-powered devices, it's important to consider battery capacity and performance on a single charge. In our store, you can find, among others Milwaukee cordless circular saws. Innovative power supply and work control systems allow for the efficient and safe operation of these electric power tools.

Safe operation of the circular saw

Working with circular saws is dangerous. Therefore, you should properly prepare for the activities performed and take care of the proper technical condition of both the saw and the blade, which should be sharpened. The device should have functional protections, such as e.g. covers. The circular saw should be operated with both hands. This guarantees proper cutting stability and minimizes the effects of sudden saw rebounding. For longer cuts, it is a good idea to use a guide and put the cover on after finishing work. The last thing is protective clothing, which is often neglected by saw operators. Always use safety glasses and hearing protection.

Recommended circular saws

In the beginning, we recommend taking a look at the Milwaukee Fuel M12 CCS44-0 circular saw with a brushless POWERSTATE™ motor. It offers a maximum cutting depth of 33 mm at 45° and 44 mm at 90°. The rotational speed of the disc without load 3600 rpm is also satisfactory. This model allows you to adjust the angle at an angle of up to 50° and is equipped with a blow out of dirt that effectively drains waste. The saw works with all batteries in the Milwaukee® M12™ system.

For more demanding users, we recommend the Milwaukee Fuel M18 CCS55-502X circular saw supporting blades with a diameter of up to 165 mm. This model allows cutting with a depth of 41 mm (at 45°) and 55 mm (at 90°). It also guarantees a maximum rotational speed of the disc without a load of 5000 rpm. Like the previously discussed model, this saw also has the function of dust exhausting  and is equipped with a brushless POWERSTATE™ motor. This CCS55-502X model is compatible with all Milwaukee® M18™ batteries.

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