Professional Probst paving tools

Professional Probst paving tools

Probst is one of the most reputable producers of paving tools. The product range of this company covers practically all devices that are necessary during the implementation of investments related to small architecture. Nearly 60 years of experience, great user reviews, as well as very favourable prices - all this prompted us to take a short review of Probst tools, which you will find in iSprzę

vacuum grabs

It is a wide range of products that - to put it, are used to carry heavy concrete elements and natural stone. An exciting model is the SPEEDY VS vacuum gripper, which offers lift depending on the suction plate selected, up to 200 kg. Suitable plates should be purchased separately. Noteworthy is also the device for quick replacement of VS-SWV-SPS. It allows quick replacement of suction plates and also has an integrated plate with a lifting capacity of up to 50 kg. The grapple is excellent for carrying plates with a porous and uneven surface. In turn, the suction plate allows you to transport even elements from the so-called washed concrete. Only two people are needed to operate this set.

The STONEMAGNET SM vacuum gripper is one of Probst's flagship products. It is used to transport very heavy elements from stone slabs, concrete slabs and other prefabricated elements. The maximum lifting capacity of the gripper is 600 kg and depends on the suction plate installed. The presented model is equipped with a manometer, a pressure drop sensor and a mechanism for re-creating the vacuum in case of its loss.

grabs for special tasks

The Probst catch range is vibrant and includes many devices designed for moving various elements of small architecture. The EASYGRIP EXG-MAXI model is also very interesting, which primarily offers much versatility. It can be used for the transport of virtually any elements of a large mass, in particular curbs, palisades or massive concrete slabs. The capacity of the gripper is up to 550 kilograms, and the gripping range is from 0 to 400 mm.

In the Probst product range, we can also find other specialist grippers, including concrete blocks, openwork plates, prefabricated elements, curbs, concrete and stone steps, boulders and lawns.

An interesting fact is that the manufacturer's offer also includes grippers for ceramic tiles, that is, manual and mechanical stackers that greatly facilitate tiling work on large objects.

The film is owned Probst GmbH

When the cube gets dirty

Such a scenario is not as likely as it is sure. Dirt on the concrete surface cannot simply be avoided. With time, the ankle and plates grow on plants, birds' droppings or oil stains appear on them. Removing such "surprises" is not easy, so you should use specialised equipment. A beneficial device for every paving team or even a property manager is the Probst EC-60 high-pressure washer. The combustion engine drives it, so there is no need to look for a power source. For the washer, you only need to connect a hose with running water, and you can start the process of cleaning the pavement - with a guarantee of effectiveness. In Probst's offer, of course, there are many more tools useful for every paving team, to name a few paver lifters, block extractors, paver cutter, longitudinal clamp, hydraulic clamp, elevators, grouting devices, sweepers, shovels and machines for spreading and automatic ballasting.

Telescopic screeding system TAS-UNI

A few words are also worth sacrificing the TAS-UNI 600 strip. It is used to prepare ballast on medium and large construction sites. The patch has a working width of 75 to 600 cm, is equipped with a telescopic system of easy width adjustment, guide rollers with height adjustment and lateral steps for the operator. Thanks to this, it ensures optimal pressure on the ground.

Probst's paving tools not only facilitate daily work but also protect team members from injuries and fatigue. Considering their quality and very favourable price, you can easily recommend them to any paving company that needs to be proven, reliable equipment to implement even the most complicated investments.

Probst devices are available in our offer. We are the official distributor of the brand in Poland.


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