Paving hammers - quality at an affordable price

Paving hammers - quality at an affordable price

A hammer is an essential tool of every supervisor and construction worker. It is useful in various situations and is irreplaceable during construction and renovation works. The offer includes hammers for multiple applications, but today we will focus only on paving hammers equipped with soft tips. Our offer consists of the highest quality products from such producers as Probst, Mimal, Jazon or Halder. Discover the proposal of the best paving hammers from


The manufacturer has over 80 years of experience, which mostly shows the high quality of the products offered and also determines the company's position on the market.

One of Halder's most popular products is the Simplex hammer with replaceable tips. This perfect solution allows you to adjust the hammer to individual needs in a few minutes.

Hammer Halder Simplex EH3002

The EH3002 model is equipped with rubber inserts made of medium-hard rubber, which minimizes the risk of potential damage to the treated surface and dampens the shock transferred to the employee's shoulder. The rubber from which the blunt was made is resistant to abrasion. The hammer is available in many variants of the face diameter (from 30 mm to 80 mm). The mentioned model has a wooden handle and a housing made of high quality cast iron. All components are also available for sale separately, so in case of damage, the tool can be easily repaired. The hammer is widely used during paving or gardening works.

Paver steel mallet “berlin” Picard

This is a professional hammer for general paving works. The tool has a very characteristic for this type of hammerhead. The high point on one side is used for splitting cobblestones, while the lower part has a square cross-section and finds the standard application. This hammer has a low weight of approx. 1 kg, a more massive hammer weighing 1.5 kg is also available.


Is a reputable manufacturer of paving tools, the offer has a wide range of equipment. The manufacturer has over 60 years of experience in the market. The Probst offer includes the highest quality grippers, hammers, profiling strips, formwork and all equipment needed for paving investments.

Paver rubber mallet Probst GH (long)

Paving hammer Probst GH in action.

Paver rubber mallet Probst GH

The GH model is equipped with rectangular tips that are ideal for levelling a non-compacted block along the edge. The square shape of the tips allows you to put the hammer in a vertical position, so there is no need to bend to lift the tool continually. The hammer design allows the rubber tips to be replaced. The hammer weighs 2.2 kg, and the shaft length is 800 mm. Another suggestion is Probst GH-K is a model that differs only in the length of the handle (400 mm) and a weight of 1.8 kg.


It's a Polish company dealing in the design and production of professional paving equipment and tools, as well as light construction machines. Mimal has been on the market since 1993 and cooperates with companies throughout Europe. Mimal is above all high quality and excellent price.

Mimal MBM Paving hammers

The Polish manufacturer took care of a whole range of paving hammers, which differ from each other, primarily in the type of tip, shape and weight. The series begins with the Mimal MBM01 and Mimal MBM02 models, which are equipped with a square head, their weight is 2 and 2.5 kg, while the length is 375 mm and 960 mm. A square head has one significant advantage. Namely, we can put the hammer upright. The Mimal MBM03 and Mimal MBM04 models also have square faces and are characterized by a higher weight of 2.7 kg and 3.2 kg, respectively.

Models such as Mimal MBM05, Mimal MBM06 and Mimal MBM07 are paving tools with a round face. All hammers weigh 3.2 kg, have blades with a diameter of 80 mm, and the total length of the tools is 415 mm. Individual models differ in the material used at the ends. MBM05 has rubber pads made in the vulcanization process. This solution is primarily a high strength. MBM06 has one insert made of rubber, and the other insert made of nylon, the next in the set is the MBM07 model, which is equipped with two hard nylon ends.

Mimal MBM08, Mimal MBM09, Mimal MBM10 and Mimal MBM11 should also be mentioned. All hammers weigh about 1.6 kg, the tool length is 390 mm, and the dimensions of the face are 60 mm. The models mentioned above, similarly to the previous series, are characterized by rotations in the following order: Rubber - Rubber for MBM08 hammer, Rubber - Nylon for MBM09, Nylon - Nylon for MBM10 and the novelty are two ends made of elastomeric rubber for the MBM11 model.

Mimal paving hammers are used during paving, gardening, setting up curbs, etc.


This is another Polish company specializing in the production of tools and machines for paving and road works. The manufacturer is extremely concerned about the quality of his products, and the company has been on the market for over 35 years.

Paver rubber mallet Jazon MGD

The hammer design is very similar to the MBM01 model. MGD Jazon weights 3.2 kg and a face length of 855 mm. It is used when levelling the cube and when laying it. The variant is the Jazon MGK hammer, which differs from the discussed model only by the length of the handle. In this variant, it is 310 mm. The smaller handle also decided on the weight, which in this case is 2.4 kg.

Choosing the right hammer is always justified by the type of work we do. Secondly, we will pay attention to manufacturers and the benefits of specific solutions. At, we only have tools from reputable brands, which gives us confidence in customer satisfaction. If you have questions about choosing the right tool, please contact our sales department at the email address or phone number 731-431-134.


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