Pallet trucks & stackers - material handling

Pallet trucks & stackers - material handling

Today's article will be dedicated to storage technology. We encounter the problem of storing goods practically in every industry. These can be building materials, food or ready-made products for sale, as well as temporarily unused equipment. Isprzę attaches great importance to facilities that improve the quality of work and improve safety. One of the company's departments where something can be done in this direction is the magazine. The most economical and effective way to store is to stack products vertically on pallets on adapted shelves, or one on top of the other, which saves a lot of square meters of space. Stackers, that is, prams constructed in such a way as to be able to raise goods to height, are indispensable to this work. In addition to them, pallet trucks are a standard element of warehouse equipment.


The offer of pavers in our store is huge. The parameters to pay attention to are:

  • Lifting height - in the case of pavers, this is one of the most important parameters and speaks of the extent to which the device can work (from 9 cm to even 5 meters)
  • Capacity - is another important parameter, as in the case of pallet trucks, talking about how heavy goods can be carried at a given height. The range of maximum lifting capacity can vary from 500 kg to even 1600 kg.
  • Fork spacing and length - this parameter is adapted to the specific type of pallets. The most popular spacing is 1150 mm x 560 mm (fork length x fork spacing)
  • Drive - can be manual, semi-electric and electric. The cheapest devices are those with manual drive, the most expensive - with electric. Trolleys with semi electric drive are characterised by an automatic lifting system and manual drive.

PAllet trucks

These are standard trolleys used to transport pallets on flat ground in a warehouse or outside. What are the differences between the different models?

    • Fork spacing and length - as in the case of stackers, pallet trucks are adapted to different sizes of pallets and various tasks. You can choose forklifts with the appropriate fork length (from 80 cm to 200 cm) or adjust the width between the forks (from 40 cm to 56.5 cm)
    • Capacity - pallet trucks can carry up to 3 tonnes. The basic ones are adapted to transport pallets with goods with a total weight of up to 1000 kg.
    • Drive - by far the most popular are pallet trucks with manual drive, mainly due to the price and reliability. We also offer electrically powered trolleys.

our bestsellers

We recommend a hand stacker Lifter By Pramac MX 1016 1150x550. The MX series is an excellent example of a compromise between quality and price. Very stable fork supported on four rollers and steel discs enable precise and safe work. Besides, the mounted pedal supports lifting, reducing the operator's effort and acts as a parking brake. Another advantage is the maximum pressure valve, which after exceeding its limit will automatically stop lifting. The maximum lifting capacity in this model is 1000 kg, and the maximum height for which we can carry the product is 1600 mm.

In turn, one of the most popular pallet trucks is the Lifter By Pramac GS Basic 22S4 1150x525. It has rear rollers made of black nylon (tandem) and a steering wheel, also nylon, with a 45 mm polyurethane ring. This makes the stroller quiet and well controlled. The trolley was painted with a load-resistant dynamic epoxy varnish at 250 ° C. It can be used inside and outside in adverse weather conditions. Despite its small size, the trolley can handle up to 2,200 kg. Also, as in most of this company's equipment, we can find the maximum pressure valve here. It is also worth mentioning the price, which, compared to the advantages, seems to be very attractive.

Interesting facts

The Pramac company in its offer has many exciting storage solutions. It is worth mentioning pallet trucks equipped with built-in electric scales. Also noteworthy is the HX10 series, which includes pallet trucks equipped with a forklift function up to 80 cm high to create an additional work platform.

We encourage you to browse the entire offer related to the warehouse technology on our website. Each presented model is accurately described and shown in high-resolution photographs. In the case of questions, as an isprzę team, we are at your disposal.


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