Logosol products in our store
Logosol products in our store

Logosol products in our store

We are pleased to inform you that isprzet.pl store is part of the KRAWCZYK GROUP Sp. z o. o . became the official distributor of LOGOSOL products. Thanks to this, in our offer you will find professional woodworking equipment, straight from the Swedish manufacturer. Discover the details of our new offer!


LOGOSOL products are distinguished not only by their high quality but also by their simplicity. As a result, they have gained the favour of thousands of consumers from over 65 countries. A long tradition and an emphasis on reliability and customer satisfaction have allowed the company to become a leader in its industry on the local market.


The Swedish company mainly deals with the production of professional woodworking equipment. These include chain, belt and frame sawmills, planers, milling machines and joinery machines. LOGOSOL products are focused on easy control of the woodworking process.

The Logosol Trak product line is the most popular among customers. Over 25,000 copies of this product have been sold in over 100 countries. Planers are another popular product among consumers. Over 10 thousand pieces of these devices went to the customers.


Undoubtedly, the most significant success of LOGOSOL was the sawmill, introduced to the market in 1989. The sawmill line has since been modernized to meet the ever-growing demands of consumers. The company's offer includes chain, belt and frame sawmills.


The latest model F2 + sawmill enables processing of logs with a recommended diameter of up to 70 cm, length 3.8 m and weight of 1 ton. All products of this type are both light and durable. The innovative aluminium construction makes the sawmill suitable for stationary and mobile applications. Easy disassembly facilitates the transport of the equipment, and the precise cutting height adjustment guarantees high accuracy. The cutting efficiency depends mainly on the saw used.

Also, each sawmill can be freely expanded or equipped. The manufacturer has several accessories thanks to which it is possible to adapt specific equipment to the requirements of a particular customer and working conditions.

LOGOSOL B751 belt track

The B751 model, in its basic configuration, allows cutting logs with a length of 4.8 m and a diameter of 75 cm. By adjusting with fixed steps, it is possible to set the precise cut. The sharp cut indicator is also useful, as it allows you to remember the settings of the last cut and make the same next time.


This equipment is undoubtedly a refined and efficient device. Its frame can hold up to 20 cutting saws. They also thought about the convenient operation of the device. A special sharpener for saw blades was attached to it. A three-phase electric drive with 11 kW or 15 kW also deserves a plus. It is also possible to drive by a 23 HP internal combustion engine.

LOGOSOL LM410 Milling machine

This equipment allows you to process wood up to 60 cm wide. The planing head moves on the sawmill track. The planing shaft can be equipped with four knife sections. Thanks to the possibility of installing additional profiling knives, it is possible to mill and level the wood surface simultaneously.


The product is intended for sawmills and all carpentry workshops. The fixed disc under the work table and the adjustable disc above it allow full control of the cutting process. One side of the device remains open, thanks to which it is possible to cut material to an unlimited width. The maximum height of workpiece is 30 mm, and the cutting width adjustment ranges from 30 to 210 mm. It is possible to use smaller cutting discs and energy-saving motors.

LOGOSOL PS315 format saw

Precision and cutting stability are the basic features of the PS315 saw. The cutting range can be set to both height and angle in the range of 0 to 45 degrees. The drive of the saw is a three-phase 3 kW motor that provides a rotational speed of the blade of 4400 rpm. In the default configuration, the equipment is equipped with a 315 mm diameter disc. For more demanding users, several extras are offered, including extension tables, cutting discs and clamps.


The Swedish company's offer also includes all kinds of accessories that help in the maintenance, maintenance and use of equipment. These will consist of automatic chain sharpeners, guides and saw blades. You cannot forget about the sawdust extraction system and the dedicated "Sauno" dryer.

Undoubtedly, the solutions provided by the Swedish company are known for their excellent quality, reliability and innovation. Woodworking is safe, precise and efficient. Several additional elements for most devices allow them to be expanded and adapted to individual needs.


Please familiarize yourself with our sales offer of LOGOSOL products. As an official distributor, we guarantee the sale of only the original product with a full manufacturer's warranty. If you run a sawmill or do professional woodworking, this offer is especially for you!

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