Innovative soil compaction control systems

Innovative soil compaction control systems

iSprzę is an online store with professional machines from renowned brands. Our team also shares valuable knowledge about the use of products offered, new technologies and translators, why it is worth using additional systems to facilitate work. One of such systems, which we will describe in the article, is the "compaction control system". You can also meet with the term "intelligent compaction", but let's start from the beginning.


Compaction of the foundation is one of the most important processes during the construction of roads, earthworks, paving works and other works, where the main goal is to obtain a stable and reliable surface. Due to proper compaction, the substrate becomes smoother, stronger, more resistant to deformation, does not settle and reduces its water permeability. However, it should be remembered that too intense concentration of some materials may cause counterproductive effects. The assessment of whether the substrate is prepared optimally is often a tough task, especially for inexperienced machine operators. In the construction industry, an incorrect diagnosis may result in delayed work, additional costs, and even legal consequences related to failure to observe contract terms.

Fortunately, there are compacting control systems

Compacting control systems, directly speaking, are used to evaluate the degree of soil curing automatically. Thanks to them, the risk of making mistakes by the employee is reduced, but that's not all. Skilful use of indicators of such a system will save fuel. The user will not have to drive several times through the already paved surface, which in turn brings savings over time. It is also essential to protect the machine itself - the system will let you know about a possible overload.

Wacker Neuson - Compatec

It is the only system where all product components are placed in one, very durable module. Eight LEDs display the current degree of compaction. Each next LED lights up as the substrate hardens. If for a long time another LED does not ignite, it means the maximum degree of compaction of the given gravel. This system also shows the moment of overload, i.e. the moment when further compaction would cause damage. It is worth realising that the resulting overload can damage not only the substrate but also the compactor itself. A handy function is to automatically adjust the intensity of light from diodes to the environment. Thanks to this, they are always visible, even in full sun.

Husqvarna - Compaction Indicator (CI)

Husqvarna taking over the Atlas Copco brand has also taken over the reliable Compaction Indicator (CI) compaction optimisation system. The compaction sensor is based on transparent graphics showing the stage of the work. This solution makes operating the machine very easy. Currently, Compaction Indicator is optionally available only with LG400 and LG504 compactors.

Ammann - ACE

Ammann has in its offer an advanced control system called ACE FORCE. It allows the user to check the current degree of compaction while working, as well as to make an independent measurement of the quality of the soil.

The system allows three work modes:

  • Manual with relative density indication.
  • Automatic, during which it adjusts the power of the compactor based on readings.
  • Measurement mode (full display) the machine is used as a kind of compaction meter.

The construction of this system is quite complicated, but it translates into the quality of measurements. The base plate sensors receive the vibrations generated by the centrifugal method. Information about the acceleration and the current mutual position of the unbalanced elements is collected at the central point, which is located at the end of the drawbar at the handle. It is a place isolated from vibrations and at the same time visible to the operator. The patented control system, after appropriate programming, can maintain the machine in the optimum working area. An alternative to the ACE Force system is the cheaper ACE ECON module, which informs the operator on a current basis about the progress of compaction using LEDs.


Another manufacturer of compaction machines is the German company Bomag, which offers a tool for density control Bomag Economizer. As in the case of other manufacturers, this system notifies you that the optimum level of cure has been reached. The operator can read the current measurement at any time and react accordingly. The Bomag Economizer system, as the name suggests, allows for economic work, which of course translates into lower costs, but also for ecology thanks to lower fuel consumption. The described tool is optionally available together with vibratory plates and asphalt rollers of the same brand.

Project - Procontrol

A system is also available from the Polish company Project. Procontrol works very intuitively. It has a seven-point scale in the form of LEDs, which inform the user about the stage of work progress. As in other systems, we find information about maximum density and overload warning. Intelligent compaction systems are available as optional equipment for compactors and other curing machines. It should be remembered that such an investment will pay back very quickly.

Summing up the advantages of using them, we can mention: saving fuel, saving time, minimising the risk of inadequate compaction, protecting machines against overload, the comfort of use and reducing CO2 emissions. As iSprzę, we try to pay attention to the benefits of new technologies and facilities that will bring profits to your companies and the best working conditions for employees. In case of questions, we remain as always available.


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