Inclined Hoists - a way to transport materials

Inclined Hoists - a way to transport materials

Do you remember how we wrote about the Geda roofing lifts? To develop this topic, we decided to take a look at the Geda and Enar rope winches, whose use will be particularly appreciated by scaffolding fitters and teams working at heights.

Rope lifters have a very simple operating principle, making them reliable and extremely easy to use. Installation of the device does not require folding special rails, as in the case of roofing lifts. The device consists of a drive, rope and hook.

Recommended models

Inclined hoist Geda Star 200 Standard

We will start our comparison with the most powerful rope winch. The weight of the device is 53 kg, so transport should not cause much trouble. The Geda Star 200 winch is powered by a single-phase 1 kW motor. The maximum lifting capacity of the device is up to 200 kg, which will allow you to transport heavy objects to height. The device has been equipped with 25 m of rope, while the maximum lifting speed is 22 m/min.

The standard set includes a controller with a 2 m cable and a safety switch, a rope winch body with a swing arm, as well as a 25 m or 50 m long rope depending on the version selected. The rope was finished with a weight and a hook. The main features of the rope winch are high durability and durability, as well as a very wide range of available accessories that appear in the related products tab on the product card at

Inclined Hoist Geda Mini 60 S

As the name suggests, Geda Mini is a device for lifting smaller weights, the maximum load capacity is 60 kg, which should be sufficient when transporting lighter goods. The device is equipped with a single-phase motor with two power levels 0.25 kW and 0.75 kW. This solution allows the use of two-speed modes 23 m/min and 69 m/min. The Geda Mini 60 S rope hoist is available in two variants of rope length 51 m and 81 m. As in the previous version, the standard equipment includes a detachable controller with a 10 m cable and a safety switch. In optional equipment, we can find accessories such as lift truck, rotary boom, hook for scaffolding components, etc.

Inclined Hoist Geda Maxi 150 S

This is the most advanced winch from our offer. The device has excellent performance due to the use of a single-phase motor with two power levels 0.45 kW and 1.35 kW. This enables operation at a lifting speed of 15 m/min and 45 m/min. The maximum lifting capacity of the winch is 150 kg. Geda Maxi 150 S is available in two variants of rope length 51 m and 81 m. The weight of the Maxi 150 S is 60 kg and 65 kg, depending on the selected version. The manufacturer recommends mounting the device at the bottom, while at the top an optional rotary boom. This solution increases safety but shortens the maximum lift height.

Inclined Hoist Enar Lif 200 m35

The Spanish company Enar, known mainly for concrete equipment, also offers a very efficient rope winch. The Lif 200 M35 model has a maximum load capacity of 190 kg, which is an excellent result in this price range. The 0.75 kW motor allows a maximum pulling speed of 23 m/min. The length of the rope included in the set is 35 m. A special scaffolding attachment is included in the set.

The Enar Lif winch is a great proposition for customers looking for a budget but still efficient solution.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of rope winches. We guarantee a wide range of products. The choice of a rope winch can cause a lot of trouble, but everything depends on what we will transport, what performance we expect from the device and how many pulling cycles per hour we will perform. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists at the email address or phone number 731-431-134.

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