Idea for the weekend - camping!

Idea for the weekend - camping!

Fresh air, the sound of trees and a dream under a cloud are without a doubt the fulfilment of holiday dreams for people who want to rest after hard work at the construction site. Those who had something to do with scouting certainly remember that the camp is a makeshift camp, which involves sleeping in a tent, without electricity, gas and bathroom.

Nowadays, camping is associated with something completely different. That's why the popularity of the new trend, which combines two opposing words - luxury and camping, is growing every year. Of course, I am talking about glamping, which is a modern form of camping, ensuring rest in the fresh air without any inconvenience. Glamping tents are richly equipped, have a comfortable bathroom with shower, a fully equipped kitchen and a terrace where you can relax comfortably. Indeed, many builders would like to rest in luxurious conditions and fully rest from daily work.

The glamping accommodation is a new type of tourism, especially recommended for people who like to spend time in nature without giving up convenience. For over a decade, this form of recreation has gained the hearts of travellers around the world and also in Poland enjoys increasing interest.

For those of you who are followers of traditional camps, we have a few tips and tricks to prepare you for a weekend trip outside the city.

What to take?

First of all, let's remember that we are going to nature so that we will need practical and comfortable clothes. The basis will be an airy t-shirt, a warm sweatshirt for evenings under the cloud and additional pairs of socks. To save space in the backpack socks, we can hide in a couple of spare shoes, and clothes roll. Do not forget that the campsite must not miss the flashlight, which will undoubtedly be useful at night.


In Poland, there is a total ban on camping in the National and Landscape Parks and outside places designated for this purpose. If we want to pitch a tent on the beach, in the forest or near the construction site, we must obtain permission from the landowner. If, however, we decide to travel abroad, it is worth remembering that individual countries have their camping regulations, which must be observed.

How & Where set up a tent?

You should always take into account the location in which you pitch a tent, difficulties and threats that it brings. Having much practice in construction works, setting up a tent will only be a pleasure.

We present a few practical tips

  • Avoid direct sunlight to make your tent, not like a sauna.
  • The entrance to the tent should be directed to the morning sun,
  • Spread the tent in the direction of the wind to ensure adequate ventilation,
  • Moisturise the canvas with water, so that the air will be fresh,
  • To avoid flooding the trench around the tent,
  • Avoid pitching the tent near streams, wetlands or landslides,
  • Do not pitch a tent under old trees,
  • To protect the tent from the wind, load it in the corners with stones to make it stable,
  • Tie the tent with ropes to nearby strong trees.

What to eat?

While camping, it is worth remembering to take meals. A right solution is to prepare food in lunchboxes and hot and cold beverages in thermos and water containers. We can make many delicious dishes on site, lighting a campfire and baking bbq sausages.

Remember that rest should sometimes be out of work and detachment from a busy life on the construction site.

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