Great return of baseball caps

Great return of baseball caps

Spring is the best time to think about buying new baseball caps. The coming hot days on the construction site mean that we should look after our heads.

The baseball cap has been ranked first among headgear for last season. Until recently, it was associated with the environment of American rappers, and now observing the stylizations of the stars, you can undoubtedly say that the hat hit the salons! While in the case of other items of clothing, the clothing brand is not so famous, in the case of headgear the appropriate logo informs about the style and interests of the wearer.

Baseball caps have a long history - they have undergone many different changes. Who would have thought that initially they were designed in the shape of an ordinary hat!

Currently, we distinguish two types of hats: snapback and full cap. The first one has a simple visor, small notches above the neck and the possibility of adjusting the width with a strap at the back. One version of this cap is worn today by American baseball players who started using it at the end of the 19th century. That's why this hat is called baseball. The specially adapted functional roof was to protect the players from the sun. The incredible popularity of this type of caps fell on the 90s, and now with great publicity returns to the latest trends.

The second type of caps with visor is full cap - they do not have the possibility of width adjustment. It's the only feature that distinguishes this type of headwear from snapback. This type of caps has already become a symbol of hip-hop and rap environments. Compared to the baseball cap, the visor of this cap is more rounded, but these are barely noticeable differences. We focus on convenience and functionality that is why in our opinion snapback caps are the best.

A few practical tips on how to wear a hat on a construction site

  • It should fulfil its function of protection from the sun and wind. Therefore we encourage you to wear it with a canopy
  • Due to the close contact of the cap with the head, pay attention to the material from which it is made
  • It is worth paying attention to having ventilation holes because a few hours wearing it on the head can cause sweating of the skin and irritation
  • It will look best in a set with sunglasses and a T-shirt and work pants of the same brand.

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