Get to know Nilfisk high-pressure washers

Get to know Nilfisk high-pressure washers

A high-pressure cleaner is or at least should be, the essential equipment used in construction companies, farms, mechanical workshops and rental companies. The construction of such a device is much better than the washers for amateur applications. Equipment for professionals greatly facilitates the current washing of machines and large vehicles. Especially for our customers and readers, we have checked what is interesting for Nilfisk, one of the leading manufacturers of high-pressure cleaners.

About NILFISK high-pressure washers

Nilfisk high-pressure cleaners are a class of their own and undoubtedly set the standard in this category of equipment. We are talking about washers, which are distinguished by a unique steel construction and a wide range of additional accessories. Nilfisk has extensive experience in this industry, which is why he correctly reads the needs of his clients. The proof of this is a vast range of washers.

In the Nilfisk catalogue, we find devices for practically everyone. From compact models, intended mainly for workshops, to stationary washes, also for commercial use. For entrepreneurs operating in the construction industry, the most exciting option is high-pressure hot water washers, and we will devote them to the rest of our article.

MH series

The Nilfisk MH series washers are hot water devices, which means that they heat the running water by themselves. Hot pleasure much more effectively removes dirt, including dried ones, which is why it is a natural choice for construction companies or those dealing with the machine rental.

The MH line is distinguished by the use of a very modern, award-winning EcoPower boiler. It is characterised by high work culture, low emissions and significant savings. This is by far the best option in the relation of the purchase price to the cost of subsequent operation.

MH series is represented by:

  • MH 1C, MH 2C and MH 2M - these are compact washers, which we particularly recommend to vehicle mechanics workshops, car washes and small construction companies. The vertical design makes it easy to carry equipment. The washers are available in versions with single-phase and three-phase motors.
  • MH 4M and MH 5M - in this case, we are dealing with middle-class washers, which still retain a compact size, but at the same time offer exceptionally high efficiency. MH 4M and MH 5M have been fitted with a new NA5H pump. It has a low-speed motor and a single flow-activated expansion valve (FA), which ensures higher comfort of work.
  • MH 7P and MH 8P - these are washers equipped with a high-output four-piston pump and an EcoPower boiler. They use a flow activated control (FA) system. Both machines are designed for the most robust applications, including industrial ones.
  • MH E - it is an industrial washer that will work well in the food industry. Its design is very similar to the MH 5M model. Both of the appliances combine, among other things, a chemical dosing system, a steel chassis and a frame.


This category of hot water washers is distinguished by excellent versatility and mobility. The devices can be used wherever there is no access to the power source. Own propulsion (gasoline in the PE line and diesel line in the DE line) ensures full independence, thanks to which the washers will work, for example, at construction sites, in forests or on the road being built.

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