Geda roof lifts - how to make your work easier

Geda roof lifts - how to make your work easier

At, we constantly expand our offer to guarantee you the highest quality equipment for various applications. By the expectations of customers, we have introduced GEDA brand devices. Today's article will be devoted to the subject of roofer lifts, which are the flagship product of the German manufacturer.

A few words about Geda

Geda is a German manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment for work at heights. The company can boast of huge experience. Its beginnings date back to 1929. For years Geda dictates the standards on the market for working at heights. Geda's products are distinguished primarily by innovative technology and the highest quality. All devices offered by the manufacturer have the appropriate certificates and meet excessive statutory standards. The manufacturer's offer also includes winches, freight and access elevators, chute bins, suspended platforms and a whole bunch of accessories.

What is a roof lift?

The roof lift is nothing but a rope-driven incline chairlift, very popular among construction and roofing companies. The relatively high lifting capacity and working range allow the transport of tools and building materials. The devices are efficient and universal, which in turn allows their use in various industries. The modular structure allows you to adjust the height and appropriate lifting capacity to the customer's needs. The maximum lift height for roofers offered by GEDA is as much as 19 m. All manufacturer's windlasses have a wide range of accessories, which in turn allows the device to be adapted to different conditions. The modular structure allows for adjusting the height and lifting capacity to the customer's needs, however, after finishing work, the device can be easily assembled and transported from the construction site to the construction site. GEDA lifts do not require UDT reception, which also speaks for their choice.

Geda Lift 200 Standard

It is the smallest of comparable elevators, its load capacity is 200 kg, which will allow transport of up to 8 cement bags. It is worth knowing, however, that the load capacity of the device depends on the inclination, type and number of segments. Single-phase motor with 1 kW is very economical, and the maximum lifting speed is 25 m / min. The drive will allow the load to be raised to a maximum of 19 m. The electric drive will automatically turn off immediately after reaching the sledge to the upper or lower point and if the rope is not stretched. The lift is light and very easy to install, the rails are plugged into each other and secured by hand tightening the nut. At, we offer a ready-to-work set, which includes:

  • Electric lift with a 43 m cable, including a limit switch with a 21 m cable, and manual control with a safety switch with a 5 m cable.
  • Universal platform.
  • The upper segment with a reversible roller.
  • A sledge with a safety brake.
  • Lower rail segment with a length of 2 m.
  • Rail segment with a length of 1 m and four rail segments with a range of 2 m.
  • Jumping break of the rails.

Geda's offer also includes optional accessories that will allow the device to be adapted to individual needs. Geda optionally also offers cargo handles for transporting specific materials. We can choose, among others:

  • A platform for transporting tiles,
  • Handle for transporting buckets,
  • Tilting tank,
  • A platform for transporting solar elements,
  • also, much more (a full list of optional equipment is available in the selected product).

Geda Lift 250 Comfort

This is a slightly stronger version equipped with a 1.3 kW single-phase motor. The lift allows material transport at speeds up to 30 m / min. Another important difference is the maximum payload, which in this version is 250 kg. Such parameters will allow you to transport up to 10 bags of cement at a maximum height of 19 m. The basic set weighs 88 kg. Thanks to the use of aluminium rails, the installation of the elevator does not cause any problems and takes place without the use of tools. After folding, the device takes up very little space, which significantly improves transport. In the standard, we find the same accessories as in the previous version. The parameters of the Geda Lift 250 Comfort model will be appreciated by those who depend primarily on the speed of operation and greater lifting capacity. As with the previous version, it is also possible to buy a ready-made kit here.

Geda Fixlift 250

This is the most versatile roof lift from the manufacturer's offer. The device, despite the same weight as its predecessors (88kg), is characterized by much higher lifting capacity. A very important difference is also the use of a switch that allows you to change the speed modes, the first 19 m / min and 38 m / min. The engine power for the first mode is 0.6 kW and for the second 1.2 kW. The maximum lifting capacity is 250 kg, which is the same as for the Comfort model. In addition to the standard equipment, the device can also be equipped with individual options.

The varied offer of the manufacturer and a wide range of accessories support the choice of Geda roof lifts. Work at heights involves the need to transport heavy goods to the second, third or tenth floor. The most important aspect when choosing such a solution is to care for the health of employees. The second important criterion is time. If you are interested in the topic of roofers' lifts, please contact our sales department who will be happy to help you choose the right device.



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