Featured rescue equipment

Featured rescue equipment

Rescue units should only be equipped with professional and reliable equipment to allow availability at all times. At isprzet.pl we have several devices and accessories, created for the needs of even the most difficult rescue operations.

When assisting, the most important is the speed of operation and universal use of the devices. It is also extremely important to generally adapt the machines to the difficult conditions that firefighters have to face. See what recommended devices we have prepared.

Featured models

Self priming trash pump Benza Flexible

The water pump is the most important element of the fire brigade equipment. We offer a wide range of pumps and motor pumps. Today, however, we will focus on the Benza Flexible model. The device is used when pumping dirty water with maximum impurities up to 20 mm. The design of the pump greatly facilitates its use, it is very important that the pump module is located directly in the water, which eliminates the need for a suction line. Thanks to its design, the pump also does not require preliminary flooding. The weight of the unit is 42 kg, thanks to which transport by two people is possible. The pump module drives a Robin EX17 petrol engine with a maximum power of 6 HP. The maximum pump capacity is approx. 1300 l/min. The maximum pumping height is 18 m. Benza Flexible will work even during the toughest tasks.

Przecinarka Husqvarna w wersji Rescue

Firefighter with Rescue power cutter from the Husqvarna manufacturer

Power cutter Husqvarna K 970 Rescue

The manual cutter is an irreplaceable device in rescue and cleaning works. The Rescue version has been adapted to work in the harshest conditions. The cutter has been equipped with a handle that enables firing the machine in thick fireman's gloves. The amenities also include a special shoulder strap that allows you to relieve the operator. The weight of the cutter is 11 kg, the machine is powered by a 4.8 kW gasoline engine. The maximum blade diameter is 350 mm, which in turn ensures a maximum cutting depth of 125 mm.

Husqvarna also offers a full range of accessories including rescue blades. Rescue shields are characterized by a special construction and higher wear resistance. The accessory enables cutting of various materials including concrete, wood, metal and other materials.

Single phase power generator unit Chicago Pneumatic CPPG 5

Fieldwork is often associated with difficult access to electricity, so you should equip yourself with a power generator. The CPPG 5 model has been designed for long and hard work. The heart of the device is a 13 HP gasoline engine. The large fuel tank ensures a much longer operating time of up to 10 hours. The tank itself has been properly strengthened to protect it from damage. The unit has been equipped with two 230V/16A sockets and one 230V/32A socket. The connection sockets have been properly shielded and placed in a recess for additional protection. The AVR function enables connection of voltage-sensitive devices.

Light tower Chicago Pneumatic CPLT V3-LED

The mentioned model is one of the smallest lighting masts in the offer of this manufacturer. It has been adapted to work in the most difficult conditions. The weight of the device is 110 kg. The model is equipped with 4 LED lamps with a power of 120 W. Lamps illuminate up to 3000 m² of the surface. The mechanical mast folds up to a height of 5.5 m. The lighting mast has a practical trolley that significantly facilitates transport. The wheelchair also has a separate space for an external power generator, which must be purchased separately. You have a lighting system requires an external power supply.

Our offer also includes accessories including rescue blades and fire fittings. If you are interested in buying new rescue equipment for a guard unit or other purposes, please visit our store or contact the sales department at the email address bok@isprzet.pl or phone number 731-431-134.

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