Featured hot water washers

Featured hot water washers

Pressure washers are used in many industries, as well as during home applications. High-pressure water is much better at dealing with difficult pollution. Mobile washers can be divided into cold and hot water. Coldwater washers are the most popular devices of this type available on the market, they are used in construction, industry and also for home applications. Perfect for typical works related to maintaining cleanliness in the garden, on the production line or the construction site. Despite the high pressure, the cold water washer is not able to take greasy deposits or very difficult dirt from the surface. To meet this task, manufacturers have introduced hot water high-pressure washers to their offer.

Hot Water pressure washers

The principle of these devices is extremely simple. At first, the water goes to a boiler, whose task is to heat the liquid to the right temperature. The boiler itself is powered by diesel or heating oil. The heated water is sucked by an efficient pump most often powered by an electric motor. Washers with gasoline or diesel engines are also available for sale. It is a perfect solution when the mobility of the device is crucial, e.g. when working on a construction site. One of the most important functions in high-end hot water washers is the possibility of producing steam. Hot water cleaners are not widely used due to their price. However, they are most often used in agriculture, construction, transport or industry. Hot water washers are also used in car washes, where the water temperature is of key importance.

Featured models

At isprzet.pl, we focus on the highest quality, which is why we offer proven devices from the Danish company Nilfisk. This is one of the world's leading producers of cleaning equipment devices. Our offer also includes combustion hot water washers from the manufacturer Pramac.

Mobile Hot water pressure washer Nilfisk MH 4M-220/1000 FAX

This is our absolute bestseller, the washer was designed for continuous operation even after 6 hours a day. The pump design is characterized by high durability, thanks to the use of 3 temperature-resistant ceramic pistons. The device weighs 149 kg, which forced designers to use durable transport wheels. The machine is powered by a 400 V electric motor, the maximum power consumption is 7.2 kW. The device can heat water, creating steam with a maximum temperature of up to 150°C. The maximum water flow is up to 1000 l/h. The boiler has a fuel consumption of approx. 4.1 kg/h, which with a 15-litre tank allows for several hours of uninterrupted operation. The washer was also equipped with a special detergent tank. The device belongs to the higher price shelf, which conditions its use typically for professional applications.

Myjka gorącowodna Nilfisk

Hot water pressure washer Nilfisk

Mobile Hot water pressure washer Nilfisk MH 1C-110/600

This is a cheaper equivalent of the MH 4M-220/1000 FAX washer. The device was created to clean light dirt on farms, smaller car workshops or small construction companies. Due to the weight of 94 kg, the washer was equipped with transport wheels. The pump is powered by a single-phase motor with a maximum power consumption of 2.8 kW. The capacity of the fuel tank is about 17 litres, which, with fuel consumption of 2.4 kg/h, allows for several hours of continuous operation. The boiler heats the water to a maximum temperature of 80°C. The water flow is about 600 l/h.

High-pressure washer Pramac PW240

The device is powered by a Honda GX390 internal combustion engine. The washer is used in industry, construction companies and everywhere where there is a lack of access to electricity. The weight of the device is 64 kg, which is not a problem thanks to the use of a special transport set. The maximum pump pressure is 240 bar. The fuel tank capacity is 6.1 litres, which allows for long uninterrupted operation. The engine is started manually. Standard equipment includes several accessories necessary for work, including excellent quality pressure lance, pressure hose, chemical dispenser, internal filter or transport set and much more.

A hot water pressure washer is a big investment, so the device should last for years. Choosing the right washer can be problematic, given the number of devices available on the market and the number of often incomprehensible parameters. If you are planning to buy a washer, please contact our specialists who will be happy to help you choose the best device for your needs. We encourage you to contact our sales department at the email address bok@isprzet.pl or phone number 731-431-134.

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