Drill motors - everything about drilling

Drill motors - everything about drilling

Today is Monday, so we're starting with the next article. For those who are here for the first time, we explain that every week we try to prepare for our readers and customers a set of information on a specific topic related to tools and construction machines. This time we will write about core drilling machines. We always emphasise that choosing the right device means saving time, work and energy. This is also the case for professional drilling rigs. Why? You can read about it today on the blog.

What are drill motors and what are they used for?

Let's start with explaining the activity to which the devices are used. Core drilling is the drilling of even, round holes with different diameters (from 25 mm to even 1500 mm and more) for specific purposes without vibrations and vibrations, i.e. without the use of so-called — an impact which may cause cracks and disturb the structure. Professional drill motors allow for drilling among others in reinforced concrete, asphalt, ceramic materials or in walls made of, for example, bricks. Diamond core drills (an alternating name for core drilling) has already become a standard for the installation of various types of pipes, ventilation and sewage ducts or simply when pulling more cables. Drilling rigs are also used in road construction when drilling holes for railings or road signs. An exciting application of drilling rigs is also the possibility of sampling concrete or other aggregates for testing. To be able to start working with a drilling rig, one should obtain a complete set consisting of a drive, tripod, drill and sometimes also a special power pack.

As with most machines and construction equipment, we distinguish those with hydraulic, pneumatic or electric drive. In the case of drilling rigs, it is also important to choose a drill bit (diamond), a suitable tripod, and optionally you can equip yourself with the so-called. Automatic feed that presses the drill uniformly to the surface to be drilled. Thanks to this solution, many more wells can be drilled in one day and avoid any operator injuries that may occur during traditional drilling. Using hydraulic drilling rigs, it will be necessary to equip yourself with a suitable hydraulic power generator, and in the case of heavy electrical equipment (Husqvarna drilling rig with PRIME technology) in a high-frequency generator, which is also called the Powerpack. It is worth mentioning here that the advantage of PRIME high-frequency technology is huge power with low weight, increasing the efficiency of work.

It should be remembered that making huge cylindrical bores in hard walls, in concrete with reinforcement or in asphalt is tough work for the device, that's why we will describe hydraulic and pneumatic drill rigs at the beginning.

  • Hydraulic drill motors are very professional devices with great power and efficiency that can work in really difficult conditions. They are ideal for continuous, intensive work with the most significant core drills. The advantage is the rotational speed, which can be adjusted during operation. Such drilling rigs are used for making deep holes, culverts for sewage pipes and for drilling with "stitch" in various materials.
  • Pneumaticdrill motors operate thanks to the conversion of air energy under high pressure into mechanical rotational energy and are used where, due to the surroundings, the use of electronic or petroleum-powered tools is prohibited. Pneumatic drill rigs are usually handy and do not require tripods, thanks to which they can be used in hard-to-reach places, also in areas with high humidity.

However, the most popular are electric drill motors. They can have different power, performance and application. It is worth discussing several popular types of electronic drilling machines in terms of the diameter of the holes being made.

  • Core drillings up to 150 mm are drilling rigs used for drilling small diameter holes. To support such drill rigs, it is not always necessary to have a tripod, which allows you to work in hard-to-reach places.
  • Core drillings up to 350 mm are rigs that should be mounted on tripods. They are used, for example, for drilling into sewerage systems.
  • Core drillings up to 400 mm are slightly stronger and more versatile because we can drill wells of different diameters by assembling drills of various sizes.
  • Core drillings up to 600 mm are the most robust rigs in its class. Bores with such a large diameter can be used to create ventilation ducts.

Types of tripods

When choosing a tripod for the drilling rig we have a choice: a standard tripod and a expansion poles. The standard tripod will be chosen by people who work on smaller machines, where the diameter of the drilled holes is not so large. Expanding stands are in turn bigger, more stable and adapted to work with machines making boreholes with larger diameters.

Until now, expanding stands are rare because of the very high prices. One of the brands that offers such a stand in isprzęt.pl is Husqvarna. The model, which we present below, will help during special work, for example during difficult drilling in the ceiling.

Most often, however, our clients choose classic tripods, which have a very good price / quality ratio and the possibilities offered.

Most often it drills wet

When choosing a drilling rig, remember that it is usually drilled wet. This means that great equipment should be additionally secured and equipped with a special connection through which the coolant will be supplied. Most of the devices we offer are adapted to such work. An interesting fact, however, can be a dust-free drilling system that effectively removes dust during drilling. We need to equip ourselves with an industrial vacuum cleaner and a special tip, which should be mounted at the drill, this set will allow you to work without troublesome dust. For those who would like to learn more about this topic, we encourage you to contact our specialists.

The topic of core drills is a difficult subject, which certainly has not been fully exhausted here. Therefore, we always emphasise that the selection of a suitable electromechanical device for your company should be previously consulted with our specialists who will present the offer in a very professional manner and point out the advantages and disadvantages of specific options. It is also worth calculating, checking the performance of purchased devices, because it may turn out to be the case and most often it is worth investing in reputable machines to save time and money in the future. Core drilling machines are one of the perfect examples where investment in these devices will turn very quickly, especially where you need to make a lot of large holes with different diameters. In the end, we wish you fruitful work and cooperation with isprzęt.pl!


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