Distance meter - which one should you choose?

Distance meter - which one should you choose?

Distance meter is used during renovations, construction works as well as during control measurements, e.g. on a production line. The device can effectively replace the measuring tapes and speed up work. Advanced technology means that the calculations are carried out from the level of the device itself, and the measurements are characterized by high accuracy. See types and proposed devices.

Types of distance meters

distance meters

Laser rangefinders are the most popular devices of this type on the market. They are characterized by excellent accuracy of measurements and high versatility of operation. The device sends a laser beam, which reaches a fixed object, then its return time is measured. On this basis, the device makes calculations that allow you to accurately determine the distance. The measurement speed, which takes place almost immediately, is also important. Laser rangefinders are perfect for working indoors and outdoors. The quality of measurements can be adversely affected by rain, snow or very high sunlight. Measurements are not possible for glass or reflective materials.

Ultrasonic distance meters

The principle of operation of these devices is based on sound waves. A sound signal of the appropriate frequency is sent towards the measured object, and then the time of ultrasound return to the device is calculated. These types of devices are used primarily in radiolocation and radio navigation. Their use on the construction site can be very limited due to the high ease of interference with measurements. Ultrasonic waves can be disturbed by wind, bad weather, sound-absorbing materials as well as temperature fluctuations. Measuring the distance to oblique surfaces may also be problematic. The reading of the result usually takes slightly longer than in the case of laser devices. Ultrasonic distance meters have a lower price.

It is also worth sacrificing one sentence about optical rangefinders, which are mainly used in hunting and photography. The measurement with this device consists in measuring the parallax angle of two lenses.

Featured products

Distance meter Nivel System HDM-5

The cheapest rangefinder from the Nivel System family. The HDM-5 model provides excellent measurement accuracy of +/- 2.0 mm. The maximum range of the device is up to 50 m. The rangefinder has been equipped with special software that allows you to perform complex calculations automatically. The measuring instrument thanks to the built-in memory allows you to save up to 100 measurements, which can then be used for calculations. The weight of the device is only 132 g. IP54 resistance class allows you to work in difficult conditions. The HDM rangefinder is equipped with a Libella, which significantly facilitates work. Thanks to the very strong laser beam, it will also be visible in sunny rooms. The Nivel System rangefinder in the set also includes a case, a hand strap and a set of batteries.
The manufacturer's offer also includes the Nivel System HDM-7 model, which has a maximum working range of up to 70 m, and the Nivel System HDM-12 model, with a working range of 120 m.

Distance meter Nivel System HDM-50

The HDM-50 model is a device higher than HDM-5. The rangefinder is equipped with a modern processor that allows you to perform complex calculations. The control is done using a handy panel with a large display.
Similarly to the previous device, the results can be saved in the device's memory. The built-in Bluetooth module allows wireless data transfer to mobile devices, while the USB connector allows data transfer to a computer. The maximum working range is 50 m, the device is resistant to dust and splashing water (IP54).
HDM-50 is a very handy device, which is characterized by low weight and small size. Nivel System HDM-70 and Nivel System HDM-120 variants with a working range of 70 m and 120 m respectively are also available for this model.

Distance meter Pro DL-80X

Our proposal from the Polish manufacturer PRO is the DL-80X model. The device has a maximum range of 80 m. Accuracy varies within +/- 2 mm. The rangefinder allows up to 8000 measurements on one battery. Built-in memory allows you to save up to 99 measurements and perform basic calculations. The DL-80X has a built-in digital protractor and an electronic vial. Built-in ¼ inch mount makes it possible to mount the rangefinder on a tripod. IP54 resistance class allows the device to work in difficult conditions. The offer includes variants PRO DL100X, PRO DL-60X and PRO-DL40X, which differ in the working range - 100 m, 60 m and 40 m in order.

Long distance meter Survpoint TPL 1500

Our latest proposal is the Survpoint long distance meter. The device has a working range of up to 1500 m. This meter has a viewfinder that facilitates the user to precisely aim at the measured object. Survpoint TPL allows you to measure the distance to a stationary or slow-moving object.
A feature of the device is very low weight and handy size. Only one CR2/3v battery is required for commissioning. Despite such a large range, the rangefinder is characterized by centimetre accuracy. The manufacturer also offers a slightly cheaper model Survpoint TPL 900, which has a maximum working range of 900 m.

Choosing the right rangefinder can make us quite embarrassed, and all thanks to the huge amount of additional functions that are offered in more expensive equipment. Rangefinders produced today can connect wirelessly to mobile devices, and also perform all calculations for us. If you do not know which rangefinder to choose, please contact our sales department at the email address bok@isprzet.pl or phone number 731-431-134.

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