Dehumidifiers - how to deal with excessive moisture?

Dehumidifiers - how to deal with excessive moisture?

In the iSprzę, offer you will find a wide range of construction equipment and devices that will facilitate and speed up your work, and will also help prevent later additional expenses. In this article, we will take the dehumidifiers that meet the benefits mentioned in the previous sentence. In the remainder of this text, we will present selected products from Remko and Trotec.
Air dryers are devices that remove excess moisture from the room and drain it in the form of condensed water. We can use them in basements, offices, recreation rooms, warehouses, archives, bathrooms and everywhere where there is undesirable humidity. It should be remembered that too low air humidity is not recommended. Therefore modern dehumidifiers can not only reduce the amount of water in the air but also keep it at the set level. In the place where we live, the humidity should be between 40% and 60%.

Dehumidifiers advantages

  • Powder sprayers for a perfect solution for flooded rooms, of course after having previously pumped out the water.
  • They allow you to work in comfortable conditions. This is important for example when painting walls - we can be sure that the paint will not fall off after a few days.
  • They also eliminate moisture from freshly laid plaster, concrete and other building materials, thanks to which they accelerate the commencement of subsequent stages of works.
  • They prevent the formation of mould, bacteria and fungi and other undesirable phenomena. Lowering the air humidity delays and even eliminates the need for significant renovations.
  • They support the improvement of air quality in the rooms in which we live and reduce the risk of diseases caused by germs and fungi.

We distinguish two main types of dehumidifiers: condensation dryers (refrigeration) and adsorption dryers — the former use the dew effect, i.e. condensation of water on cold surfaces. Moisture accumulates on the so-called cold exchanger, and the dried gas passing through the second warm exchanger returns to circulation. The compressor-driven cooling system is hermetic and does not require refilling. During use, only remember to clean the air filter regularly. It should also be noted that condensation dehumidifiers have the highest efficiency at higher temperatures (30 ° C) and high concentrations of water in the air (80%). If we want to reduce humidity in a broader range, we should choose adsorption dryers (not to be confused with absorption). They use, as the name suggests, the phenomenon of adsorption, i.e. the accumulation of water on the surface of the adsorbent. The essential element of the structure is the rotor covered with an adsorbent, most often silica gel. The air flowing through the rotor leaves moisture inside. The advantage of this type of dehumidifiers is that they are efficient in a wide range of temperatures and humidity. Unfortunately, due to the high sensitivity of the rotor, they can not be used in places with a high level of dustiness, as this could damage it. Thus, this type of equipment is not suitable for use in construction. The disadvantage is also high power consumption.

Another division that is used most often is the one for use. Here we can distinguish domestic dehumidifiers, professional dryers and building dryers. They differ mainly in performance, mobility, but also appearance. It is worth seeing the Remko pool dryers, which confirm that professional equipment does not have to disfigure the rooms in which it is used. In the remainder of this article, we will focus only on condensing models.

Pool Dehumidifiers

Remko SLE (Models from 20 to 80) have been designed for use in home swimming pools, SPA and where there is high humidity. The devices remove excess moisture from the rooms, thus ensuring a healthy and balanced climate. In this series, the appearance is crucial. Thanks to a modern and discreet design, the device fits perfectly anywhere, and a quiet fan allows it to be used comfortably. They are condensing dryers.

The advantages of choosing Remko SLE are:

  • simple installation,
  • increased efficiency at the same power,
  • quiet work,
  • easy operation and maintenance,
  • in the standard equipment (except for SLE 20) there is a hygrostat, i.e. a device that controls the dryer, taking into account the air parameters. It is the equivalent of a thermostat to regulate the temperature. In this case, we adjust the humidity level.

The smallest available model SLE 20 weighs only 28 kg and is ideal for home bathrooms and small spas. The maximum power consumption is less than 0.4 kW, the daily capacity is 7.5 l / 24 h, and the air flow is 220 m 3 / h. The largest model SLE 80 is several times heavier because it weighs 101 kg. Larger weight and larger dimensions translate into a capacity of 64 l / 24 h, the maximum power consumption of 1.65 kW and air flow of 750 m3 / h.

Osuszacze budowlane

Remko LTE is a dehumidifier for professional and immediate applications. The series consists of three models with different parameters. According to the offer, each model can be purchased separately or with a condensate pump. Remko LTE dryers dry and efficiently dry any room. Their main advantage is mobility (integrated transport wheels) and the fact that they can operate without interruption (models with a condensate pump). Thanks to a new compressor, they have increased efficiency. An interesting fact is that the design of the drivers of this series allows them to stack one on top of the other, which increases the capacity of the dryer without taking up unnecessarily valuable space. The comparison of parameters in two extreme models (LTE 50 and LTE 80) are:

  • Weight: 38.5 kg and 45 kg.
  • Maximum power consumption: 0.63 kW and 0.91 kW.
  • Maximum efficiency: 51 l / 24 h and 80 l / 24 h.
  • Airflow: 380 m3 / h and 490 m3 / h.

The Trotec TTK 400 is another condensing dehumidifier worth noting primarily due to the work culture. The level of noise generated during work, similar to the case of the "smaller brother", of the TTK 200, is just over 50 dB (A). Big wheels and an ergonomic, adjustable handle allow transport of both models also in steep terrain or stairs with the involvement of only one person. The TTK 400 offers continuous operation with an easily installed optional condensate pump kit. The advantages of choosing this model:

  • high efficiency of the dehumidifier, also when operating at temperatures below 15 ° C, even up to 0 ° C.
  • dual meter of energy and man-hours consumption,
  • suitable for rooms up to 470 m³
  • easy to transport - can be set vertically or horizontally,
  • easy to clean,
  • good access to the filter.

TTK 105 S is a small, condensation and efficient Trotec dehumidifier. It is the perfect combination of durable housing and advanced functions. The system is resistant to adverse conditions and has an aluminium casing. Thanks to this, both transport and moving the device are effortless. The precise control panel allows you to select the desired humidity, and the built-in humidistat will automatically read the current parameters and set the frequency and efficiency of the dryer. TTK 105 S can be controlled thanks to the timer function or set to permanent drying. The TTK 105 S is equipped with an additional condensate drain connection that allows the pump to connect water to the outside. An exciting feature is the electronic defrost system. Also, we can find here: condensate tank overflow indicator, overfill protection with automatic shut-off and easy to access and clean reusable air filter. The parameters of the device allow us working with a capacity of 240 m³ / h. The maximum power consumption is 0.52 kW, and the maximum daily size of the invention is 30 L. It is worth noting that this model weighs only 14.5 kg. The humidity and temperature ranges in which the device can work properly can also be considered as an advantage. Then they are 30-100% and 5 - 35 ° C.

The article only describes some of the air dryers available in our store, so we encourage you to read the parameters of other models and their types. What is worth paying attention to when choosing the right product? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally because for everyone else will be necessary. For some, it can be the temperature range in which the device can work, and for others the efficiency, and still for other mobility. If there are doubts about your choice, please contact our specialists.

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