Crossliners- Nivel System proposals

Crossliners- Nivel System proposals

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In today's article, we will follow together with the offer of Nivel System specialised construction lasers, which was launched in 2003.

Construction levels

Building lasers are small instruments defining a level or plumb with a red or green laser beam. The green laser is several times stronger, and it will be much better when working in highly lit rooms or outdoors. More advanced devices can display horizontal and vertical lines simultaneously in several directions. We're talking about cross-lasers then. Laser instruments are a great alternative to standard levels, including when mounting images, electrical sockets, laying tiles, and many other activities, where we need to display auxiliary lines - also oblique lines. Nivel System also offers an innovative magnetic vibration compensation system and ensures quick preparation for work.

For the article, we focused on devices with a red laser, but each of them has its equivalent (-G) with a green laser.

One of the popular, and at the same time the smallest models are the Nivel System CL1 cross laser. It generates red light beams and can simultaneously display vertical and horizontal lines within 15 m. The additional laser point function allows you to transfer points without having to turn on the entire beam, which saves battery life. An attractive solution is the electronic blocking of the compensator, i.e. the levelling system. This function allows you to set the beam of light at any slant, depending on your needs. The CL1 can be mounted on a tripod or a traditional geodetic tripod thanks to the built-in 1/4 and 5/8 inch threads. Also with this model, you can use a dedicated laser sensor.

The Nivel System CL4 cross multilaser is a model that generates two full and perpendicular 360 ° laser planes in a vertical direction, and additionally displays a horizontal beam that intersects one of the vertical lines to form a cross with 90 ° angles (visualisation in the image below). This instrument is distinguished primarily by high-quality optics, which allows for exact measurements. The standard range of this multilaser is 15 m, it can be increased up to 50 m by an optional laser sensor. It would help if you then used the pulsed laser function. An essential advantage of CL4 is the option of mounting on a laser patch, thanks to which we can measure height differences - classic levelling. Other crucial elements of this instrument are  - a micrometre, attached on both sides of the laser, which allows you to position the vertical laser beam accurately, - and an integrated horizontal wheel pitch to help you measure and determine the angle of the vertical beam effectively.

The Nivel System CL3D cross multilaser is another multi-purpose construction laser that can display three full 360 ° planes at a time - two vertically and one horizontally. The compensator lock function increases the suitability of this instrument, giving the possibility to create individual settings thanks to the oblique lines. The standard operating range with this instrument is 15 m or 60 m with an additional sensor offered. The integrated 1/4 "thread allows for secure and stable laser mounting on a tripod, adapter or laser shelf. The CL3D housing has been reinforced with rubber elements that effectively protect against damage.

Building lasers described above, but also other models from the Nivel System sign are instruments that are first of all very precise, but also very durable (IP54 resistance class). All models are equipped with a pulsed laser function that significantly improves the working range. This is useful in very bright rooms or outdoors. Each product has typically one year warranty, which can be extended without additional fees for another year after registering on the manufacturer's website. The devices have the necessary fasteners, facilities and accessories dedicated to them, such as poles, tripods and laser sensors, which are also available at


  • The Nivel SJJ-M1 cranked tripod is a stable, aluminium device for working in all conditions. The maximum height at which we can mount the measuring device is 1.82 m. On the tripod head, there is a libel and a system for easy laser assembly thanks to 1/4 and 5/8 inch adapters. Durable snaps ensure stability but also quick disassembly.
  • The Nivel System CLS-1 sensor is a device that allows you to pick up the red laser light from a considerable distance, and it works well in large open, well-illuminated spaces. The accuracy of such a sensor is +/- 1 mm. The device has a built-in sounder, bright LEDs and robust construction. The sensor can be mounted on a laser patch, where it can be used as a height measurement system. In turn, the NIVEL SYSTEM CLS-1G model is designed to work with a green laser.
  • Nivel Expanding System LP-32 - spread out to a length of 3.2 m and can be successfully used in high rooms. The pole is made of aluminium, making it very solid. It is divided into three sections to facilitate proper adjustment during work. Thanks to the quick-mounting bracket, you can easily mount a laser or other compatible device.

We also encourage you to take advantage of our autumn promotion. We regularly offer you more and more exciting promotions for Topcon and Nivel System measuring devices. The offer includes as many as 28 discounted products! In the development, you will find, among others construction lasers in a set with a pole or a tripod, and for lasers, with a red beam, it is possible to buy a CLS-1 sensor at a reduced price of PLN 129 net. Details can be found here

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