Concrete vibrators – types and applications
Concrete vibrators – types and applications

Concrete vibrators – types and applications

Concrete vibrators are specialized tools found on many construction sites. Their use allows for better compaction of concrete and more homogeneous consistency. In today's article, we will describe the operation of various types of vibrating head and present products recommended by us in this category.

Concrete vibrators – types and application

As we mentioned before, vibrating heads are used to compact the concrete mix. However, how does it work? Using intense vibrations, the excess water and air bubbles are released. Thanks to this, the concrete is more consistent, free of delamination and resistant to damage. Internal vibrators are mainly used in the construction industry and investments where the quality of concrete elements is very important. In terms of a drive, concrete vibrators can be divided into those with pneumatic, mechanical and high frequency (HF) drive. Let's take a look at the most popular solutions.

Mechanical concrete vibrators

This type of internal vibrator is perfect when we need more mobility. It is lighter and more comfortable compared to electric internal vibrators. Mechanical vibrators are a good choice for the construction of single-family houses and smaller investments. Their design is based on a flexible shaft, in which vibrations are generated through a flexible spindle and transferred to an asymmetrical eccentric shaft. It is also very important not to turn off the immersion concrete vibrator when it is immersed in concrete. This often causes the internal vibrator to be sucked in, and consequently even its loss.

Recommended internal vibrators

Internal vibrator Husqvarna SMART48

This model is distinguished by a high vibration amplitude of 12000/min and high centrifugal force. It is equipped with an integrated frequency converter. This means that its power supply does not require additional equipment, and the immersion vibrator is connected directly to a single-phase electrical socket. There is no need for additional extension cords as the cable length is up to 15 meters. The internal vibrator diameter is 48 mm and the roller length is 5 m.

Internal vibrator Wacker Neuson IRFU

This vibrator has a built-in frequency converter, which significantly affects the comfort of use. The shaft diameter is 45 mm and its length is 5 m. This model is equipped with the advanced Bodyguard™ safety system, which task is to constantly monitor the internal vibrator operation and immediately turn off the device in the event of a fault.

Internal vibrator Wacker Neuson HMS-Set 324

The HMS internal vibrators series is characterized by universality and efficiency. They are equipped with a quick disconnect, which significantly affects the simplicity of use. The set consists of the M-2500 drive, H35 head, and SM 4S shaft. The length of the roller is 4 m and the head diameter 35 mm. High-quality 1.6 kW motor, resistant housing, hardened vibrator head, and reinforced protective hose directly affect durability and reliability in use.

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