Band saw Tyrolit TBS510 - Novelty

Band saw Tyrolit TBS510 - Novelty

The Tyrolit company has been on the market since 1919 and at the beginning specialized in the production of tools for the production of crystals. Currently, the company operates in many industries, including metalworking and precision tools, glass, ceramics and stone processing. The manufacturer's offer also includes several devices used for the needs of construction, including cutters, drills and grinders. The company regularly supplements its offer with new machines. Today we will focus on the novelty, which is the Tyrolit TBS 510 band saw, available in the, offer.

The Tyrolit band saw has been specially designed for the processing of cellular concrete, stone or concrete blocks. This type of devices have already passed the test on construction sites around the world. The most important feature of the band saw is the maximum cutting depth, which allows you to cut even large concrete blocks in one go. Equipment of this type is very often used by masonry teams. The purchase of the band saw is primarily a cost saver and above-average performance.

Technical characteristics

Tyrolit TBS 510

The TBS 510 model is driven by a 1.5 kW single-phase electric motor with 12.5 A intensity. The device has a high protection class IP55, which provides sufficient resistance to splashes and dust. The maximum cutting height is 515 mm, which makes it possible to cut even large blocks of concrete blocks, while the cutting length is 700 mm. The table's load capacity is up to 50 kg. The dimensions of the machine itself are as follows: length 1080 mm, width 1050 mm and height 1840 mm, therefore the cutter should not take up much space on the construction site. The working weight is 173 kg, which ensures adequate stability of the device.

Power cutter features

  • Appropriately designed rollers of the band blade ensure a long and maintenance-free period of use.
  • The drive is transferred directly to the wheels, which eliminates the need for frequent and costly maintenance work associated with the replacement of transmission components.
  • The holes for the blade have been dimensioned to eliminate the risk of jamming.
  • The automatic band blade tensioner ensures maintenance-free operation, increases cutting precision and reduces the risk of breakage.
  • Thanks to the use of quick couplings, the blade can be replaced quickly.
  • The blade remains in motion only when sawing, which significantly extends its service life.
  • The machine has a specially reinforced hook for transport by crane.
  • The work table has been equipped with a protractor and a set of measuring devices facilitating work.
  • The saw has been equipped with a set of wheels, so transporting the device around the construction site should not be a problem.

(Remember to always disconnect the machine's power supply during transport, even for very short distances.)

Safety is the most important

Only properly trained employees should work with the machine. It is recommended to use basic protective equipment including special work shoes, protective gloves and goggles. Clothing should not stand out too much to minimize the risk of the material being caught in the saw blade. The electrics in the cutter should only be serviced by a properly trained team or a qualified electrician. We should ensure that there are no third parties near the machine when cutting. The machine should be placed on a firm surface. The cutter can be retrofitted with a dust extraction system, which is extremely important when cutting in closed rooms.

Remember to always use the Tyrolit cutter as intended. The drive options, the device design and the type of saw blade do not allow cutting wood, plastic or metal. This is very important, because the use of the cutter contrary to its intended use can damage important structural elements and the saw blade itself. In addition, the manufacturer recommends using only original Tyrolit saw blades.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of band saws. If you are interested in buying a new device, see our offer at If in doubt, contact our specialists at the email address or phone number 731-431-134.

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Band saw Tyrolit TBS510

Band saw Tyrolit TBS510
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