Air compressors - types and area of applications

Air compressors - types and area of applications

Many construction machines and small tools work thanks to the use of high-pressure air - produced by air compressors. We have mainly two types available on the market: classic reciprocating compressors and newer screw compressors. iSprzę offers both. Therefore we would like to bring this topic to our readers. We hope that the following information will help you during shopping and later during use. We will focus on the differences between these types of compressors and we will present a series of products from companies such as Gudepol and Chicago Pneumatic.

Principle of piston compressors

Piston compressors, colloquially known as compressors, are the first of its kind and are still the most popular devices increasing gas pressure - most often air. Compression is possible thanks to the simple principle of pressing (sliding movement of the piston in the cylinder). These devices can be single-stage, i.e. with one piston or two-stage, where the air is pressed in two stages - first in the first cylinder, then in the next one. Thanks to this solution, much higher pressure in the tank can be obtained. The drive for the compression module, in most cases, corresponds to an electric motor, and less to an internal combustion engine. The method of transmitting the drive also matters. We distinguish direct drive - the engine is integrated with the pump or indirect - the transmission is carried out through a V-belt. Hence it can be called the "belt-driven compressor". Finally, the compressed air is collected in an adapted and well-protected pressure vessel. During the operation of the equipment, it is vital to cool the discharge module, which gets very hot during process, which is why in most compressors we can observe a characteristic radiator around the cylinder that dissipates heat to the outside. Compressors can be found most often in vulcanisation and painting plants, in the construction industry and wherever compressed air is needed for regular use. In large workshops or factories, due to loud operation, the compressors can be installed in separate rooms or outside, and the same air can be brought to the target through tubes and pneumatic hoses. We can also find oil-free piston compressors - delivering air without oil particles.

Principle of screw compressors

The principle of operation of screw compressors consists, in the simplest way, in the pressing of air by permanently reducing the space between rotating rotors (bolts). The main difference, and at the same time the advantage of screw compressors is that they can work without interruption. We distinguish oil-free and oil-free compressors. The latter is stronger because the oil helps to seal the pressing system and regulates the temperature, effectively distributing heat. In the next stage, the oil is naturally separated from the compressed air, cooled and directed back to the system chamber. The water and oil residues are filtered out at the outlet. Unfortunately, it is not possible to eliminate impurities in their entirety, which is why the ideal purpose of such compressors is construction sites, factories or mechanics. We also distinguish oil-free screw compressors. They are used where we want to get 100% clean air under pressure, in industries such as the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronics or paper industry. Finally, it is worth noting that screw compressors are characterised by simple operation, low noise levels and vibrations at much lower frequencies than in conventional piston compressors.

Gudepol is a Polish company operating on the market since 1990. The company offers a wide range of compressors, filters, refrigeration dryers and pressure tanks. The offered reciprocating, and screw compressors can be divided according to the application.

Sprężarki tłokowe gudepol

Piston compressors

The best choice for your home will be Gudepol compressors from the series:

  • SB-OL - SO - This is a compact piston compressor with direct drive and maximum capacity up to 260 l / min at a pressure of 8 bar (Model SO260 / 100).
  • GD - This is the primary piston compressor with indirect drive, thanks to which the pump's revolutions are much smaller than the engine. It provides quieter operation, longer life and higher efficiency compared to direct drive. The pump cylinders are cast iron, and the pistons are equipped with a multi-ring sealing system. In this series, we can also find models with double compression (two-stage compressors). The most powerful device in this series has a capacity of 1210 l / min at 10 bar (Model GD70-500-1210)

Small workshops, technical teams or repair teams will appreciate the compact dimensions and ease of transport of devices from the series:

  • GDV - It is also a piston compressor with the characteristics of GD series models, but with a construction that allows for vertical positioning, so you can save much space. The devices are used mainly in small stationary workshops, where area counts.
  • GDC - Piston compressor, oil belt drive. The device, thanks to its compact dimensions, low weight and large pneumatic wheels, ideally suited to repair teams or mobile workshops.

Gudepol from the Heavy Duty class will be a great choice for larger stationary car workshops.

  • HD / HDT / HD-VT series - These are very efficient reciprocating compressors (up to 15 bar) with indirect drive made of the highest quality materials. They have been designed to meet the most challenging working conditions (IP55 insulation class), adapted for continuous operation by class S1. Long-term operation of the equipment is possible due to the use of a low-speed pump and a fully galvanised tank (corrosion protection standard PN-EN ISO-1461). The most powerful model has a capacity of 1200 l / min at ten bar (Model HD-100/500 / 1200VT)
  • HDO series - This is an oil-free piston compressor with long drive made of the best available materials as in the case of the described HD series. The pressure may be 10 bar, which is slightly weaker than in the case of oil models. The maximum performance in this series is 1150 l / min at 10 bar.

screw compressors

The next series are already models of Gudepol screw compressors. They are characterised by different power (from 2.2 kW to 45 kW), capacity (320 l / min to 7300 l / min) and various pressures up to 13 bar. These models can be available in multiple variants. Separately, together with the pressure tank or together with the VT tank and air treatment station.

For small industrial plants or paint shops, the perfect choice will be:

  • HIT series - This is the smallest screw device Gudepol (maximum capacity 540 l / min at 8-10 bar). They are characterised by high quality and precise control system that automatically detects errors and displays them, and in case of risk of damage - the compressor itself switches off.
  • SMART Series - This is a screw compressor with a slightly higher capacity (up to 1800 l / min) at a pressure of 8 -13 bar.

Large production facilities should be interested in devices from the series:

  • VSI - These are free-standing screw compressors that are ideally suited to the modern pneumatic line system. The maximum capacity is up to 2500 l / min at a pressure of 8-13 bar. They have a sound-absorbing, compact housing, thanks to which they can be mounted where excessive noise is not indicated.
  • VSA - These are successive models of free-standing screw compressors with slightly higher capacity reaching up to 3,200 l / min at an 8-13 bar, which also do not exceed the noise level (maximum 69dB).
  • VSB - This is the largest screw compressor in the VS series. They are the successors of the NKSB series. The capacity of the most powerful model is 6,200 l / min at a pressure of 8 bar (Model GD-VSB11 37/08). The advantage is a wider range of settings that allows for precise control of the device. For the unique function, we can consider the possibility of combining two compressors in a cascade.

Chicago Pneumatics CPS100

Mobile screw compressors for the toughest tasks

We also encourage you to look at the Chicago Pneumatic compressor offer. The American brand has been on the market for over 100 years. He is a pioneer in the field of pneumatic tools production. The manufacturer has a wide range of pneumatic devices. Especially noteworthy are the combustion compressors, which will prove themselves during the most challenging tasks on the construction site and wherever there is no access to electricity. The devices support pneumatic hammers, pumps, drilling rigs, etc. They are also often used for blowing garbage from hard to reach places, e.g. reinforcement.

Special devices deserve special mention:

  • CPS (Red Rock) - This is the latest range of durable screw compressors on the chassis (construction in the form of a caravan). The smallest device weighs less than 750 kg. Therefore the driver does not need additional permissions to connect the machine to the car. Compressors in this series can power up to several pneumatic devices. Smart screw technology and the Kubota engine ensure the highest efficiency. The start-up can take place in all conditions.
  • EngineAir - This is a series of reciprocating compressors that allow you to work where there is no electricity. Thanks to pneumatic wheels and a long handle, they are very mobile. The most powerful model enables you to work with a capacity of 670 l / min at a pressure of 10 bar.

Our site allows for a comfortable combination of different products and the choice of parameters that are relevant to us, which should be used. In case of questions and doubts, we remain at your disposal. If you would like to raise a topic or you will need more details - write to us, and we will try to help you.


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