How to clean a mirror without streaking? Kärcher vs traditional methods
How to clean a mirror without streaking? Kärcher vs traditional methods

How to clean a mirror without streaking? Kärcher vs traditional methods

Cleaning the mirror in the hall or bathroom can cause many problems, especially, when we got to it after quite a long time and every attempt to wipe the mirror surface ends in the appearance of visible streaks. Can it be avoided easily? What cleaning and care products should be used to clean the mirror surface quickly and without unnecessary effort? In today's article, we will check if home methods for cleaning the mirror can equal Kärcher innovative cleaning devices.


The reason of appearing the streaks when cleaning the mirror is greasy dirt that has not been effectively neutralised and spreads with wiping the surface. For this reason, cleaning the mirror often takes place in several steps. Firstly, all kinds of dirt and greasy stains are removed, and then the whole surface is polished with a soft cloth. If we do not keep proper care and do not use effective cleaning agents from the very beginning, polishing will be of little use because the grease stains will spread with each movement of the cloth.

Fortunately, there are many ways to clean mirrors quickly and efficiently. There are methods both for people who appreciate the traditional approach and for modern home dwellers who use various types of devices, such as window vacuum cleaners. So, let's check what factors support the use of not only traditional cleaning agents, but also modern technological achievements.


Some people may ask themselves why the mirrors get soiled, as we only look at ourselves in them. Nevertheless, practice shows that within a few weeks their surface starts to be covered with small spots and greasy stains. It’s because of hard water particles (which, while drying out, create scale), fingerprints and soap and cosmetic stains. However, all kinds of greasy dirt are the most difficult to remove, because it is impossible to get rid of them without the use of appropriate detergents.


Firstly, it is worth familiarising with the traditional forms of cleaning mirrors. These methods have been used for many decades and it’s no wonder as they are characterized by really high efficiency. Why is it worth using them? Because, primarily, they are completely natural. In addition, these cleaning products can be found in almost every home kitchen. What exactly are we talking about?


Vinegar has many uses and we can certainly use its unique properties not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. Apart from its wonderful descaling capabilities, vinegar perfectly deals with different dirt and, what is important, at the same time disinfects the surfaces being cleaned. We often observe how our grandmothers use water with vinegar to clean the windows, and we can later admire the pristine surface of the windowpanes. Surely, vinegar will also perfectly deal with dirt on the mirror surface.

So, how to clean the mirror with vinegar? Firstly, you need to make a solution of water and vinegar in the proportion of 4:1, so 1 glass of vinegar per 1 liter of water. Then, pour the prepared mixture into the sprayer and spray the cloth. Why not a mirror? Because then we can accidentally spray other elements. In addition, fluid particles can get into the slits between the mirror and the frame. They will certainly be difficult to collect and may create small stains as they run down. It is worth adding that in the case of intense dirt on the mirror, we can use undiluted vinegar. You just have to keep in mind that pure vinegar will leave a characteristic tang for some time.


Not many people know, that spirit is a perfect cleaning agent. It quickly removes toothpaste stains or greasy fingerprints. It must be admitted, however, that spirit is rather suitable for spot cleaning of the mirror surface. We simply soak a cotton ball with it and wipe the mirror in the most dirty places. After such a step, it is enough to clean the mirror with a traditional glass cleaner.


Another killer of all dirt on mirror surfaces is ammonia. It is very effective in cleaning the toughest dirt, e.g. greasy fingerprints or soap stains. How to clean the mirror using ammonia? It is enough to pour half of a tablespoon of ammonia into a glass of water, then soak a towel with the solution and wash off any visible dirt.


Kärcher window cleaners have recently become very popular and appreciated by household members. It is not surprising, as they are not only light and very easy to use, but, primarily, they are highly effective in washing away any dirt from flat surfaces of glass or mirrors. Users appreciate the use of cleaners mainly due to the much more efficient cleaning compared to traditional methods. Kärcher cleaners do not require the use of additional accessories or materials.

A special, concentrated cleaner turns out to be a highly efficient solution that works not only on flat surfaces, such as mirrors or glass, but also on showers or gres tiles. In addition, the washing and care effect of all Kärcher devices makes them useful at homes and apartments, as well as in offices and industrial halls. It is worth adding that the manufacturer offers not only above window cleaners, but also a whole range of other cleaning solutions, such as: cordless cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners, cordless sweepers and high-pressure washers. Thus, both household members and entrepreneurs can easily choose a device ideally suited to their specific needs.


In our store you will find hundreds of cleaning solutions for home and business. Kärcher WV 2 Plus N window vacuum cleaner is among the particularly recommended products. This window vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning windows, mirrors, glass counters, tiles and shower cabin. A full charge of the battery allows for sustained work for 35 minutes. The device has a 280mm wide nozzle and an ultra-efficient battery with a short charging time - only 185 minutes. The set also includes a sprayer with a microfiber pad, an additional 170mm wide nozzle and a concentrate for cleaning windows.

The Kärcher KV 4 window vacuum cleaner may be a great alternative. The device is equipped with a vibrating pad that scrubs the surface and removes dirt more effectively.

The KV 4 cleaner is perfectly compatible with all the WV series cleaners, because it effectively softens the dirt on the mirror surface, contributing to its quick collection by the second cleaner. Therefore, it is a reasonable solution to purchase the entire set: Kärcher WV 6 Plus window vacuum cleaner + KV 4 cleaner. In our offer, there are also cleaners with the so-called white series of Home Line appliances and highly effective glass surfaces cleaners.

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