Distance measuring on construction site - what are laser rangefinder?
Distance measuring on construction site - what are laser rangefinder?

Distance measuring on construction site - what are laser rangefinder?

It is very important to accurately measure the distance on the construction site or during renovation of the apartment. For this purpose, we most often use traditional measuring methods, e.g. a tape measure. However, more and more often both professional renovation and finishing teams, builders and DIY enthusiasts use laser rangefinders for this purpose. These clever measuring devices are not only very precise, but also small, light and very easy to use. So, what enforces the choice of specific measuring instruments? We will check it out in today's article.


Measurement technology on the construction site or during regular renovation works has changed quite significantly over the past decades. Common rolled tape measures or measuring tapes are successively replaced by ultra-precise laser measuring instruments - including the already mentioned laser rangefinders. All types of equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when purchasing them.


The undoubted advantage of traditional measuring instruments is their simple operation and working that do not require an additional power source. The advantage of traditional roll-up rules is their flexibility and the possibility of marking the measurement in sections, e.g. every 10cm. Unfortunately, in many situations, e.g. on longer distances, they can be a minor difficulty. In addition, measuring with traditional instruments entails a much greater error than in the case of precise electronic equipment.

For example, if the rolled ruler is guided unevenly in relation to a parallel object, e.g. a wall, or there is too little tension of the tape measure, the final result will differ from the real one by even a few or several millimetres. In the case of very precise finishing works, such as gluing wallpaper or ceramic tiles, even a small measurement error can cause quite a lot of troubles. It is also worth adding that measuring the distance usually requires the presence of two people. That’s why, when planning very precise activities on the construction site or in renovated rooms, it is worth taking into account the benefits of using ultra-precise measuring instruments.


The laser measuring technique has been known to engineers and builders for several decades. Nevertheless, precise measuring instruments have only recently begun to massively enter the construction market, and have also gained favour with many home DIY enthusiasts around the world. Currently, for an average class laser rangefinder, e.g. from Bosch, we will pay no more than 400PLN. The fact that even the basic versions of the devices can be successfully used for professional applications, e.g. on a construction site, makes them more appealing. They are so precise and functional that they have become popular in almost every area of life.


A laser rangefinder is a small measuring instrument whose main task is to precisely measure the distance using a laser beam. Some models also allow for automatic area calculation. The most important thing is that these devices have a small margin of error, most often reaching +/- 2mm. A large range of the average class of rangefinders, up to even several dozen meters, is also the advantage. This is still not all. There are many more benefits of using rangefinders. First of all, they are distinguished by the rapid measurement time, which is only a few seconds.

What is more, to these benefits you need to add one-person operation, light weight and measurement memory function. All these factors, combined with a very favourable price, make this type of measuring instruments an attractive and willingly chosen alternative to traditional measuring devices.

Why is it worth using laser rangefinders?

  • A slight margin of error (from 1 to 2mm);
  • Long range (even 40meters and more);
  • Instant measurement (from 1 to several seconds);
  • Compact dimensions and low weight;
  • Measurement recording function (depending on the model);
  • Intuitive operation and reliability.


In our store you will find a number of innovative equipment solutions that will work well both on the construction site and during amateur renovation and construction works. Among the most popular devices, the Bosch GLM 40 Professional laser rangefinder can be found. It has a range of up to 40 meters and an accuracy of +/- 1.5mm. The user can save 10 measurements in the device's memory. This model has been adapted to hard service conditions. The manufacturer guarantees a high resistance class of the rangefinder - IP 54.

Nivel System equipment is a perfect competitor to the above proposal. Going into details, it will be the Nivel System HDM-5G laser rangefinder. This device offers a decent range of up to 50 meters, while guaranteeing a measurement error of +/- 2mm. The operator can save up to 100 different measurements in the rangefinder's memory. The manufacturer has implemented various additional functions in this device model, such as the extended Pythagoras function or the so-called work from the edge, i.e. measurements made from the front, base or foot of the rangefinder.

Surely, our store offers many more products from this category. In addition, we also recommend other measuring instruments, such as optical levels, laser levels, theodolites and construction lasers. You also must check out our archival article on recommended laser rangefinders for home and industry. By the way, get to know other equipment solutions from renowned brands, such as Husqvarna or Wacker Neuson. In our store you can buy, for example, compaction plates and rammers, solid electric power tools and block paving tools.


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