Cutting without dust - iQ Power Tools masonry saws

Cutting without dust - iQ Power Tools masonry saws

Selected IQ cutters are now available in the offer. See what the producer has prepared and what speaks for the selection of devices, one of the most innovative companies on the market. The company's idea is to minimize the amount of harmful silica dust generated during the cutting of concrete blocks. See, therefore, an overview of dust-free equipment.

Threats resulting from silica dust

The quality of the air we breathe at work unfortunately, is often a secondary issue. It is worth remembering that during work related to, for example, cutting, we are exposed to high silica dust emission, which can cause chronic lung diseases, chest pains, severe coughing or fatigue. It should also be remembered that prolonged exposure to silica dust may cause so-called silica pneumoconiosis. The condition may contribute to the disruption of the proper functioning of our body, and in extreme cases, even to respiratory failure and heart failure. We all know how often clouds of dust are found on Polish construction sites, which settle on neighbouring buildings, cars, and directly affect the health of people staying nearby. Although dust-free systems are becoming more and more popular, many companies still avoid such solutions. One of the reasons is the high implementation costs because the power cutter should also be purchased with the appropriate adapter and industrial vacuum cleaner. However, here, iQ Power Tools comes with the help of saws, which use an integrated, vacuum system for dust-free operation.

iQ Power Tools target

The company has set itself the goal of building a cutter that, without installing additional systems and water, will eliminate the problem of dust created almost a hundred per cent.

iQ can boast of the most innovative saws on the market, with an integrated dust extraction system. The manufacturer offers manual and table saws for cutting stone, tiles, paving stones and clinker. Each cutter was equipped with a vacuum system and a capacious dust container. The standard system of manual dust shaking improves the efficiency of the device. Very low dust emission allows you to use the cutters even in poorly ventilated rooms.

stone masonry saw iQMS362

This is the most expensive and also the most efficient model iQ table saw. The device has been equipped with a powerful single-phase motor with a capacity of 2.3 kW, which ensures maximum power even during the most difficult tasks. The cutting depth is approx. 140 mm, while the maximum diameter of the blade is equal to 420 mm. The cutter was equipped with a 2-chamber container for fine and thicker dust. The set includes a dedicated iQ Power Tools Q-Drive Silent cut 420 mm disc. It is ideal for cutting bricks, paving stones and stone. It should be remembered that only the discs with Q-Drive are fit for the power cutter. The original discs have been specially designed to improve the dust evacuation system. The weight of the machine is 68 kg. Therefore the manufacturer decided to use large pneumatic wheels, which are designed to facilitate the transport of the device, even on uneven terrain. The scissor folding mechanism allows for quick assembly and disassembly of the device. The cutter is mainly used when cutting paving stones or granite.

Glaze masonry saw iQTS244

This is a cutter model that can work with an iQ disc with a maximum diameter of 250 mm. A single-phase 2.0 kW motor drives the device. The maximum cutting depth is 25mm, while the cutting length is 640mm. The weight of the machine is only 42 kg, while thanks to the folding trolley, the device can be easily transported to other construction sites. The cutter can only work with the IT (Q-Drive) disc, which we get in the set, and if necessary, additional copies can be purchased at Specially designed cutting disc reduces vibrations to the maximum and prevents the diamond segment from overheating even during long-term work. The cutter has also been equipped with a class 1M laser cutting indicator. Optionally, we can expand the machine with a slanting attachment, while the optional hose set allows you to use the saw as a vacuum cleaner.

Paver masonry saw iQ360XR

Cutter iQ360XR has been specially designed for cutting paving stones and clinker. The device is equipped with a single-phase 2.3 kW motor. The maximum cutting depth for this device is 114 mm. Like the previous models, it has also been equipped with an integrated dust extraction system. The dust container can hold a maximum of 22.5 kg of material. The cutter is light and compact, and its weight is only 29.5 kg.

The kit includes a diamond wheel with a diameter of 350 mm, a standard mounting hole of 25.4 mm and a roller table with rubber support that makes cutting easier. The device can also be equipped with an optional transport trolley with pneumatic wheels.

At you will find a wide range of cutters, as well as accessories and diamond discs. If you do not know which device to decide, please contact our specialists who will be happy to answer any bothering questions, and help you make the best purchase decision. We also encourage you to read our current promotions and to follow in social media, where you will be informed about everything regularly.


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