Tyrolit - a company with a rich tradition

Tyrolit - a company with a rich tradition

Tyrolit is a world leader among tools and accessories for processing various materials. The company belongs to the Swarovski Group, which includes the world-famous Swarovski company specializing in crystal production. The originator and founder of the Company were Daniel Swarovski, who in 1892 patented the world's first electric machine for precise grinding of glass, which gave rise to Swarovski as early as 1895. The first production plant was established in the small town of Wattens in the Austrian Alps. The dynamic development of the company caused a high demand for the company for grinding accessories, that's why in 1919 the company Tyrolit was founded.

Daniel Swarovski's invention allowed Tyrolit to specialize in the production of grinding tools. The company's development was dictated by the market and the high demand for specialized equipment. Over the years, Tyrolit has been introducing newer and newer solutions in the field of precision machining machines and specialized machines for building applications. The breakthrough for the company was 1970 when the production of diamond circular saws for use in the construction industry was launched. 1984 marked the beginning of the mass output of laser-welded diamond tools for the construction industry. The following years brought newer solutions and technology ever.


  • Precision metalworking tools - used in the automotive industry, electronics industry, precision mechanics, medical technology and much more.
  • Stone, ceramics, glass - all devices used in the glass and stone industry.
  • Construction - that is, specialized equipment and accessories for construction work. The manufacturer's great offer includes, among others masonry saws, floor sawspower cutterswire saws or wall saws. Accessories, including diamond blades, diamond ropes and grinding diamond-bonds, also play an extremely important role in the construction segment.

For the most demanding and unusual projects, Tyrolit has set up a particular group of engineers involved in the design and implementation of new custom-made machines.

The team can boast of modern solutions, including:

  • A curved rail that allows you to connect a wall saw inside the pipe. Interestingly, rail also provides a connection with straight rails.
  • Diamond rope on a swivel base - enables vertical and horizontal cuts from a central position.
  • The dry drilling system ensures clean and efficient operation. It is a unique solution that discharges dust to the outside.

Engineers for particular tasks will undertake any, even the most complex task.

Tyrolit devices impress with their performance, quality and innovative technology. We present a few selected models that are worth paying attention to when buying.

Core drill TYROLIT DME20PW


This is the most popular model in the manufacturer's offer. The device has a 230 V electric motor with a maximum rated power of 2 kW. The weight is 6.3 kg, so its operation is not burdensome. The drilling rig can be used for manual operation or on a tripod. Supports drills with a diameter of 15 mm to 180 mm. An individual connector allows you to connect a water source for cooling the drill. Drilling can also be done dry.

Floor Grinder TYROLIT FGE250


It is a device that allows quick and easy grinding of edges. A characteristic feature is the tilting grinding head, which enables the device to be adapted to the current work. The head can be placed straight or to the right or left. The device also has an advanced dust system that allows safe operation in a friendly environment. The grinder is driven by a 2.2 kW single-phase electric motor. The 250 mm grinding disc enables efficient work in confined spaces. The speed of the grinding wheel is 1,400 rpm.

Floor saw TYROLIT FSE811


The FS811 was created for the toughest tasks in hard to reach places. Thanks to the modular construction, the machine is extremely easy to transport, because after finishing the work you can disassemble the machine into individual elements and pack it into the car. The saw is equipped with a mechanism for stepless adjustment of the cutting depth. Allows cutting right or left close to the edge. The machine weighs 158 kg. The maximum blade diameter can be up to 800 mm. The cutter is equipped with a 400 V electric motor.

The manufacturer's offer consists of many modern devices. See our offer of Tyrolit devices at isprzet.pl and choose something for yourself. If you have questions, please contact our customer service department, which will help you choose the best solution for you. Please write to us at the email address bok@isprzet.pl or call 731-431-134.

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