Stanley - thermoses and containers of the highest quality

Stanley - thermoses and containers of the highest quality

In 1913, the inventor William Stanley Jr. learned the advantages of thermal insulation based on the properties of the vacuum, creating the world's first vacuum bottles for storing hot drinks. The invention led to the creation of the world-known and respected Stanley company. The products are characterized by a durable construction made of stainless steel. The manufacturer provides a 25-year warranty for its containers.

The company deals with the design and production of very durable steel containers for liquids. The producer's offer includes thermoses, thermal mugs, passive refrigerators, dinner thermoses, water bottles, camping sets or even beer mugs, flasks and glasses. Stanley products will be appreciated primarily by active people who spend much time outside, as well as workers or engineers. For those who are looking for relaxation out, the product line for storing alcohol is perfect.

Stanley thermoses have been accompanying soldiers, divers for years, were taken to the pole or even flew into space. The products of this brand have gained massive recognition among users.

Stanley divides its products into a series depending on the needs of customers.



That is thermoses and thermal cups made of 18/8 stainless steel and ceramics inside. The use of ceramics frees the metallic aftertaste, however, reduces the thermos resistance to possible falls.

All products in this series are also characterized by:

  • Non-slip bottom - this solution guarantees that the cup or thermos will be securely positioned on any surface.
  • Vacuum insulation between two steel walls - this solution helps to maintain the right temperature of the liquid inside the thermos.
  • The interior of ceramic integrated with steel,
  • The coating is resistant to many cycles of manual and dishwasher washing.



The series includes items perfect for camping or field trips. We distinguish here among others passive refrigerators, thermoses for drinks and dinners, glasses, mugs etc. The Adventure series is steel products that are characterized by high durability — made of 18/8 stainless steel. Two steel walls are vacuum insulated. Therefore they keep the temperature of both cold and warm liquids for a long time. In the case of thermoses, the cap will also serve as a cup. The plug with silicone seal guarantees 100% tightness. For the thermos from the Adventure series, the manufacturer gives approx. 24h ability to maintain temperature for warm drinks, 24h for cold drinks and 120h for ice. The manufacturer does not recommend washing the thermoses in the dishwasher. There are also special dinner thermoses for this series, which are characterized by a full inlet up to 7 cm in diameter. This solution allows you to keep the thermos clean, and also facilitates filling. The average ability to maintain temperature for a dinner thermos is 15 h for a warm liquid and 15 h for a cold liquid.

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Thermoses from this series have been designed per the guidelines of classic drink containers. One of the most exciting products is a beer thermos, which has two walls with vacuum insulation, thanks to which the right temperature is maintained for a long time. An appropriate, tight seal makes the drink less likely to lose bubbles. The container is equipped with a suitable handle that makes it easy to move and transfer content to a smaller container. The varnish coating is resistant to everyday dishwasher cleaning.

MASTER series


This is the most advanced series of thermoses in the manufacturer's offer. The containers use innovative Quadvac technology. Provides additional vacuum insulation between two double walls. This solution guarantees high and effective fluid temperature maintenance. The thermos cap also acts like a cup, and thanks to the use of 0.7 mm thick steel, it maintains the fluid temperature for up to 20 minutes. Vacuum insulation used in the cup also prevents hand burns. A special cork with a steel finish and a silicone gasket guarantee that the liquids will be perfectly protected against sand grains. The thermos can maintain the temperature of hot liquid up to 40 hours, cold liquid up to 35 hours and ice up to 144 hours. Variants of 1.3 l and 0.75 l capacity are available for thermoses. The master series also includes dinner thermoses, flasks, thermal cups and water bottles.

Now all Stanley products are available at Search for the product you are interested in and see for yourself. If you have questions, we can help.

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