Scanmaskin floor grinding machines- a wide range of devices for various applications

Scanmaskin floor grinding machines- a wide range of devices for various applications

Scanmaskin is one of the most reputable manufacturers of floor sanders. The strength of the company is a vast offer, in which every professional will find something for themselves. We have prepared a review of Scanmaskin devices with a division into equipment designed for various applications.

Handy grinder

This category is represented by Scan Combiflex Handyman or equipment designed for grinding edges and corners. These are places that can not be reached with a large grinder, without damaging the walls. The device offers a grinding width of 125 mm, and the motor develops 1.53 kW.

grinder for wooden floors

Scanmaskin 18 finds its application when grinding and smoothing wooden surfaces, and above all parquets. This is the most popular grinder used by teams dealing with the scraping and comprehensive renovation of wood floors. The machine has smooth power regulation, and the working width is 450 mm.

Scan Combiflex 330

It is a grinder equipped with a disc with a diameter of 330 mm, which is ideal for smoothing hard surfaces. A significant advantage is the function of an edge grinder, which can be adjusted in two different directions. The grinding machine is available in three versions: 1-phase (1.5 kW), 3-phase (4.5 kW) and 1-phase RS (1.1 or 1.5 kW).

series 450

Scan Combiflex 450 is a device designed for grinding concrete and natural stone surfaces, great for removing residual paint from the substrate. The grinder is distinguished by full steel construction. Thanks to the use of pressurised heads, the level of vibration have been significantly reduced. The grinding width is 450 mm, and the motor develops 1.5 kW. The twin 450NS model has been equipped with a built-in water tank for wet grinding. The grinder can, therefore, be used for terrazzo and without an external water source.

series 500

Scan Combiflex 500i is a small grinder with vast possibilities, designed for grinding concrete and stone. It is distinguished by a 100% steel construction and a patented system of the adjustable head, which reduces vibrations and thus increases the comfort of work on an uneven surface. The grinding width is 500 mm. The motor develops 4 kW. Scan Combiflex 500PD has a built-in water tank so that it can be used for wet grinding of all hard surfaces, including terrazzo.

series 650

This series includes grinders for typically commercial applications. Scan Combiflex 650 with 650 mm grinding width has a patented planetary system that drives three heads. The machine's construction is fully steel. The grinder makes it possible to connect an external water source. Its engine generates a power of 4 kW. Scan Combiflex 650 DSP is a grinder equipped with an electronic control system. The computer communicates with the sensor system, which controls the grinding process on a current basis and guarantees the perfect level of surface smoothing. At the same time, electronic control has reduced the wear on the grinding wheel by 25%. The series complements the Scan Combiflex 650 PROPANE with a water tank. The grinder is powered by a 13.2 kW Kawasaki engine powered by propane gas from a 9 kg container. The device also has a water tank that allows sanding the surface wet.

Scan Combiflex 700RC

This 700 mm full grinder offers a wireless control function using a radio controller. It is a very convenient solution that reduces operator fatigue and eliminates the risk of injury. The blender also includes a patented drive system with three rotating grinding wheels. 11 kW motor is responsible for the drive.

series 800

This series opens the Scan Combiflex 800 model equipped with three grinding heads. A characteristic feature of the grinder is the minimal lateral torque, which translates into a lower level of vibration and higher comfort of work. A water connection is available. The engine has a power of 7.5 kW. The Scan Combiflex 800 RC uses radio control, which is very convenient, increases safety as well as precision of work. Scan Combiflex 800 PROPANE with a water tank is, of course, a version powered by liquid gas, stored in a container with a capacity of 9 or 20 kg. An 18.5 kW Kawasaki engine powers the grinder. The wet grinding water tank has a capacity of 22 litres. Scan Combiflex 800 DSP is, in turn, a model equipped with a control computer, guaranteeing the highest precision of work and extending the life of the shield by up to 25%.

Scan Combiflex 1000 RC

It is the most giant grinder in the Scanmaskin range. Its grinding width is 1000 mm - the equipment is therefore intended for commercial applications. The manufacturer offered control using a convenient Bluetooth controller. The machine has a steel structure, and it is very efficient and comfortable to use, mainly due to the zero level of vibrations transmitted to the body.

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