Protective clothing - our suggestions
Protective clothing - our suggestions

Protective clothing - our suggestions

Protective clothing are one of the ways to protect against adverse conditions and phenomena at work that can directly affect the health and life of an employee. Depending on the type of work, having appropriate protective clothing may be advisable or mandatory. However, isn't protective clothing and workwear the same?


At first glance, it may seem that when we talk about protective and work clothing, we mean the same thing. In essence, protective clothing is designed to protect the employee from factors that may threaten his health. They will include helmets, gloves and goggles, special footwear or hearing protectors. Work clothes, on the other hand, serve to supervise the employee's clothing, e.g. against soiling.


Regardless of the nature of the work, head and face protection is an absolute priority. Depending on the industry, employees may be exposed to mechanical, chemical, thermal, optical and electrical hazards. Appropriate headgear, face and hearing protection should be used for the selected type of risk.

The most popular headgear is a protective helmet, whose task is primarily to protect against mechanical hazards. Protective helmets are most often made of thermoplastic or duroplast. The first material will work well during cold work, i.e. in construction, mechanical workshops, warehouses, etc. Duroplast is used for protection during work at high temperatures and is characterized by more excellent chemical resistance. For this reason, it is used by employees, including chemical, energy and metallurgy industries. In addition to protective helmets, protective helmets, caps and welding masks are also found in workplaces.

safety helmet CATERPILLAR

The robust and durable Caterpillar work helmet is excellent protection against mechanical injuries. It was made of high-density polyethene, and its use is stable and comfortable due to the detachable and adjustable chin strap.

Eyes protection

Vision is the most important human sense. Therefore, its protection should be treated with the highest priority. Even a small fragment can contribute to a permanent impairment of vision or its complete loss. Also, not only mechanical damage is a huge threat. The eyes are also sensitive to ultraviolet, infrared light and laser radiation.

Specialized safety glasses are the simplest and at the same time, a handy form of eye protection. On the market are available, among others transparent glasses for indoor use, anti-reflective, sun, polarized, reducing blue and infrared light. Specialist goggles are used for welding works, protecting against ultraviolet radiation and welding sparks.


Modern design, durability and comfort make UVEX safety glasses from Wacker Neuson not only work but also during everyday physical activity. The glasses are made of yellow polycarbonate, which provides them with high durability. Special second category lenses guarantee 99% UV protection.

Odzież ochronna


Employees often neglect proper hearing protection. In most cases, this causes a slow and irreversible impairment of hearing function. Noise also affects the whole body. Exposed employees may experience headaches, digestive problems or reduced blood perfusion. It is worth remembering the proper form of hearing protection, all the more that it does not require considerable financial outlays and is limited to the use of capsule, ear-type or ordinary earplugs.


Hands can be considered an essential work tool. For this reason, they deserve adequate protection against adverse factors. These include mechanical and chemical injuries as well as the harmful effects of high and low temperatures. On the market are available, among others leather, universal, welding, electrically insulating and chemical protection gloves. Depending on the purpose of the gloves, various materials are used for their production, e.g. leather, cotton or plastic.

Protective gloves fall into three categories:

  • Category I - are gloves used for the essential protection of hands against minor injuries. They are used, among others for cleaning works in households.
  • Category II - it includes gloves that provide a higher level of protection against injury. Most often, Category II gloves protect against chemicals and mechanical damage that occur during most industrial works. Gloves that protect against too high or low temperatures also fall under this category.
  • Category III - in this group, we will find specialized gloves, whose task is to protect against serious injuries and damage to the hands, threatening the health or life of the employee.


Depending on the work, the feet are exposed to minor or major injuries. Most often, they include mechanical damage. Thanks to modern solutions, work footwear can be light, comfortable and provide a high degree of protection against external factors. Work shoes are divided into classes: SB, S1, S1P, S2, S3 and S5. Classes SB, S1 and S1P are intended for work in which there is no contact with water. Shoes belonging to class S2 and S3 offer protection even if the employee occasionally comes into contact with water. On the other hand, work shoes of the S5 class have the highest water resistance, type.


These shoes belong to class S3. They guarantee protection against impact up to 200 J and compression up to 1.5 tonnes. The sole is made of Vibram and TPU rubber, which protects slipping. Also, footwear was made using an antistatic agent. This minimizes the risk of static electricity accumulating.

Mascot PROTECTION clothes

At, we have a wide range of MASCOT products, including protective clothing for the construction, industry and services industries. Products of this manufacturer are characterized by high resistance to external factors, quality of craft and durability. Protective clothing from MASCOT includes, among other jackets, overalls, sweatshirts, pants and vests. By combining individual products, you can achieve the highest class of protection, and a comprehensive range of sizes of each product allows you to buy precisely tailored to the silhouette and expectations of the consumer.

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