PRO company - focus on quality at an affordable price

PRO company - focus on quality at an affordable price

The PRO company has been setting standards in the measuring industry for years. Its origins date back to 1991 when the focus was mainly on the production of spirit levels and patches. Huge success contributed to the dynamic development of the company. Investments in new technologies have allowed us to improve the product range and introduce new devices to the market. We can say that the PRO company offers products of excellent quality at a global level. At, we regularly improve our offer to provide you with the right choice. Let's follow the offer of measuring devices from the well-known Polish company PRO.

Construction levels

In the manufacturer's offer, cross lasers are one of the most popular groups of devices. Cross laser, also known as construction laser, is used to determine verticals and levels. Basic devices allow the laser beam to be displayed only in two planes, vertical and horizontal. The beams intersect to form a right angle. In the case of more advanced devices, we can count on displaying the line even in three planes. Construction lasers can also be divided according to the colour of the displayed beam, we distinguish lasers with a red and green beam. The green laser is more powerful and is much better visible in high sunlight.

Crosliner PRO Smart 1.1

The Smart 1.1 model is one of the cheaper construction lasers available in the offer. The device generates a vertical and horizontal beam that intersect at an angle of 90 degrees. The device is dedicated to customers looking for a cheaper but good solution. The maximum operating range of the device is 15 m. High accuracy, of +/- 1.5 mm per 5 m, allows for very precise measurements. The device has been equipped with a compensator, which enables automatic laser levelling. Compensator lock allows determining slopes. The PRO Smart 1.1 G model is also available for sale, it is equipped with a green laser.

Crosliner PRO X-liner 4.1

This is one of the most advanced devices of this type available in the PRO company's offer. The device generates two vertical planes in the range of 360 degrees and one horizontal plane in the range of 90 degrees. Vertical lines form two planes that intersect at an angle of 90 degrees. The maximum laser range is 20 m indoors and 50 m with a laser sensor. The laser plummet makes it easy to position the laser perfectly in the axis. The PRO X-Liner 4.1+ version is also available, which has a maximum working range of 30 m. The most advanced device in the manufacturer's offer is the PRO X-Liner 4.1 G. The laser has a green beam and a maximum working range of 45 m.

rotating lasers

laser level PRO LR-200 VH

The manufacturer's offer also includes a rotary laser, which is characterized by very good workmanship and performance. The PRO LR-200 VH model allows operation with a maximum range of 200 m. IP 54 resistance class protects against dust and water. The device is equipped with several innovative solutions, including tilt alarm, which will activate a warning signal when the level is calibrated. Fully charged batteries allow up to 24 hours of continuous operation. The level has a compensator lock function, which in turn allows determining slopes. The device is only available with a red laser beam. Also noteworthy is the rich standard equipment, which includes remote control, laser receiver, reflection disc, batteries, charger and case.

Distance meters

The manufacturer's offer also includes laser rangefinders. These devices are used mainly when determining the distance of selected points. Most professional laser rangefinders have the function of saving measurements and performing simple operations such as calculating surface area, volume, adding or subtracting results.

Distance meter PRO DL-40X

It is a rangefinder that opens a list of devices from the DL - X series. The discussed model enables operation in the range from 0.05 m up to 40 m. The measurement accuracy is +/- 2 mm. The rangefinder has a built-in memory that allows you to save up to 99 measurements that can be used for further calculations. IP54 protection class protects against dust and dirt. An additional function of the device is a built-in digital protractor. The rangefinder allows you to take measurements from three different reference points in order: front wall, back wall and tripod connection ¼ ’. Up to 8000 measurements can be made on one battery. It is also worth mentioning about the other variants available at, the PRO DL-60X, PRO DL-80X and PRO DL-100X, the rangefinders differ in their maximum operating range, respectively 60 m, 80 m and 100 m.

The PRO manufacturer's offer also includes some dedicated accessories, including tripods, poles, measuring patches and laser sensors. PRO measuring devices are a great alternative to other brands. The company focuses primarily on the quality and durability of its devices. If you need help choosing new devices, please contact our sales department at the email address or phone number 731-431-134.

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