Pressure compactors - devices for professionals

Pressure compactors - devices for professionals

A tamper, rammer or plate compactor, each of these names refers to one specific device. What is exactly a plate compactor? Where does it apply? Which devices do we recommend? You will learn about this in today's article, which we will devote exclusively to the subject of rammers.

What is a rammer and where it can be used?

The rammer’s task is to increase soil density. Thanks to its low weight and optimal width of the ramming shoe, the rammer will be perfect for compacting the ground in difficult hard to reach places. It will be used during all excavation works, during the construction of water supply systems, sewage systems, green areas or when backfilling foundations. The rammers provide excellent tamping parameters despite of their low weight. Modern devices have been adapted to long-term and safe work. Most manufacturers use a cushioned handlebar that reduces hand arm vibration. This is a huge advantage as it excludes possible health problems of the operator and significantly improves the comfort of work.

Altrad Belle RTX 50

This is one of the most popular trench rammers manufactured by Altrad Belle. The device is equipped with a 3-stroke Honda GX100 engine with 3.1 hp. The engine ensures low emissions and noise and thanks to that the device can be used in poorly ventilated rooms. Direct drive with gearbox extends its service life. The weight of the rammer is 57 kg, which greatly facilitates its transport. The perfect balance of the machine reduces the operator's effort.

Bomag BT 65

This is the flagship model of the manufacturer's offer. The rammer is equipped with a four-stroke, single-cylinder Honda GXR120 petrol engine with a maximum power of 3.8 hp. The oil level sensor continuously monitors its quantity and protects the engine. The 3l fuel tank allows for a long, uninterrupted operation. Centrifugal force equal to 17 kN ensures high efficiency of tamping in all conditions. The weight of the rammer is 68 kg and that facilitates transport and daily work. There is also a possibility to order transport wheels that facilitate the transport of the device. We also provide a set with wheels. The width of the working plate is  280 mm, which strikes a good balance between the compaction capacity and perfect machine mobility. You can use the device in trenches thanks to CO2 emissions reductions.

Wacker Neuson BS 60-2 (280 mm)

Model BS 60-2 is a rammer driven by a reliable two-stroke Wacker Neuson WM80 engine. The unit has a power of 2.3 hp and a 3-liter fuel tank and that allows for more than 2 hours of work. The centrifugal force is 18 kN, which means high compaction efficiency. The rammer generates considerably less harmful exhaust gases than provided in the stringent standards which is why it can be successfully used in trenches. The device switches off automatically after 10 minutes in neutral and that results in savings on fuel and effectively reduces exhaust emissions. The version under discussion is equipped with a foot which is 280 mm wide. Light weight: 66 kg in combination with a transport roller facilitates transport. The standard rammer  has an operating meter and that allows full control of the use of the device. A specially designed handle minimizes vibrations transmitted to the operator.

Ammann ATR 68 P

The series with the symbol "P" means that we are dealing with a premium compactor. The device is equipped with a 3.7 hp Honda GXR 120 engine, which means that it is the same unit as for the BS 50-4 AS and BT 65 models. The weight of the Ammann ATR 68 P compactor is 68 kg, the maximum centrifugal force is 13 kN, while the foot width, similarly to the other models, is 280 mm. The main feature of Ammann rammers is an extremely well-thought-out design. Because of its design, the handle reduces vibrations to the maximum. The manufacturer in his compactor also uses a dual air filtration system, which significantly increases the durability of the engine.

Husqvarna LT6005 11’’ Premium

Model LT6005 is a proposal from a Swedish manufacturer. The rammer, similarly to its competitors, is equipped with a 3.6 hp HondaGXR120 gasoline engine. The weight of the machine is 70 kg. We recommend you this equipment because of its excellent quality and the best-in- class performance. The Premium model is equipped with an operating hour meter and an oil gauge. Husqvarna, similarly to its competitors, also uses unique anti-vibration handles. The foot working width is 280 mm. Rollers on the steering bow significantly simplify transporting. The special design of the LT 6005 enables working in narrow spaces. The significant advantage of this model is a centrally placed handle which facilitates the  job.

Wacker Neuson DS 70Y

This is one of the biggest rammers available in the manufacturer's offer. The device is adapted to do the toughest tasks. It weighs 83 kg. The width of the working plate is 330 mm. The equipment is operated by a 3.8-litre Yanmar L48 diesel unit. A diesel engine is characterized by its incredible efficiency, consuming about 0.9 l of fuel per hour. The capacity of the fuel tank is 4.2 l and that allows for long and uninterrupted work. The diesel engine is certainly not a popular solution, so why should we consider this option when choosing a device? The reason is simple, if you are only using equipment with a compression-ignition engine it is worth investing in a diesel rammer to solve the problem of storing various types of fuel on the construction site. It is also good to remember that the main characteristics of  diesel engine is an excellent durability and efficiency.

The offer of rammers in is very extensive. If you are interested in another device, you just have to see what we have prepared in the category of plate compactors (compactors/rammers). We offer rammers either operated by gasoline and diesel engines or battery powered. In our online store you can choose equipment that will meet all your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service staff if you have any questions.

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