Power generators - recommended models

Power generators - recommended models

Regardless of whether we are at home or work, we are always exposed to the risk of a lack or shortage of electricity. Instead, everyone knows what the consequences of a power outage can be today.
In this article, we focus on recommended power generators for a variety of applications - from the smallest portable to large stationary machines. Our specialists have selected a few of them, the purchase of which will undoubtedly be a successful, long-term investment.
Our list will be opened by the Polish company SUMERA MOTOR. All models of the aggregates of this brand have been constructed from high-quality components, and their engines are driven by the drivers of renowned manufacturers such as Honda, Subaru, Iveco, Kohler and others. The devices have been awarded the ISO 9001, ISO 8528 quality standards and the CE mark.


For a single-phase (230 V) single-phase generator with 3.3 kW of power driven by a Kohler gasoline engine with a built-in electric voltage regulator AVR. It has two 230 V / 16 A sockets, a level sensor and thermal protection. For the device (600x390x440 mm), it is weighing 40 kg. It is a convenient device for handling and secure transport of the unit. The model is the smallest of its series and has a manual start. However, if they needed something stronger, the choice of single-phase devices from Sumera Motor is vast.


You do not need to present this brand. MG 2I is one of the most practical, single-phase aggregates for temporary use in the field. It weighs only 21 kg, the whole structure is very ergonomic with a convenient handle and has a built-in 4-litre fuel tank. The gasoline, four-stroke Loncin LC148F engine is responsible for the drive. The maximum output power of the device is 1.8 kW. The aggregate offers one 230 V socket. Thanks to the inverter technology, the use is very comfortable and ecological. On a full tank, you can work for about 4 hours. Besides, this unit has a 12 V DC output for charging.


This is an excellent example of an aggregate that does not have a built-in motor. This is a specialised device that uses the tractor's engine power. The standard has an over-current circuit breaker, voltmeter, differential-current protection, frequency meter, and protections: an IP23 alternator and IP44 sockets protection. The whole weighs 154 kg, and its size is 958x645x1003 mm. The outlet has two sockets, one 230 V (12 kW) and the other 400 V (25 kVA / 20 kW).


The WGT 220 DC model is dedicated primarily to welders. The standard has, among others, welding wires (3 m mass and 4 m current with a handle) and produces a welding current of 40-220 A (DC). The aggregate weighs a little over 100 kg, but thanks to the thoughtful design and integrated transport wheels, its displacement will not cause significant problems. The maximum power for a 230 V socket is 3.5 kW, and for a 400 V socket - 8, one kVA / 6.48 kW. A reliable SUBARU EX40 engine powers the device. The whole has dimensions of 820x710x640 mm. It protects the differential gear from direct contact with the current.


It is a stationary aggregate with a weight of 630 kg. It offers two outputs 400 V / 32 A and 230 V / 16 A, the maximum power of the unit is 22 kVA / 17.6 kW. The structure is closed and muted so that it can be mounted in different places (even in a room with adequate ventilation and flue gas discharge), additionally has IP 44, resistance class. The construction's size is quite large and amounts to 2000x900x1190 mm. At the heart of the unit is a 40-horsepower, high-performance Lombardini Kdi 1903M engine. The standard equipment includes a battery; operating fluids; exhaust silencer with a flexible, 2-meter pipe; galvanised, muted lockable housing, four-track magnetic switch; AVR, emergency stop switch, start-up heater in the intake manifold.

In iSprzęt.pl, there is a full offer of power generators from renowned manufacturers. The products are divided into types, so you can quickly find what interests you the most. You can also search for aggregates by narrowing the available parameters. We are convinced that everyone will find a model that will meet his expectations. If you have not used electricity equipment so far, it is worth contacting our specialists who will be happy to advise and create a personalised offer.

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