Husqvarna is well known to both enthusiasts and professionals in the field of renovation and construction works. We present the latest products of this Swedish brand that you can find at along with the general specifications. In today's issue, we will present the highest generation equipment, including floor grinders, articulated excavation roller and new on the market - professional K 770 Dry Cut cutter with dust-free cutting option.


Floor grinding machine HUSQVARNA PG 280 S


PG 280 S is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms with concrete floors. It will effectively get rid of impurities from paints, putty, epoxy compounds and the like. This model of grinder is created for mobile operations, where small size, a width of grinding and trouble-free transport of the machine are required.

Thanks to the quick coupling, it is possible to disconnect the grinding head efficiently, which will be useful during transport. The 280 mm grinding width makes the machine ideal for smaller rooms. The PG 280 S implements the Redi Lock® system, which allows a quick exchange of diamond tools. The grinder is equipped with an electric motor operating at 220-240 V, which ensures the maximum rotational speed of the grinding disk at 1410 rpm.

Floor grinding machine HUSQVARNA PG 510


The Husqvarna PG 510 planetary grinder with a grinding width of 515 mm is perfect for grinding and polishing concrete. This grinder is certainly suitable for professional applications, where high reliability and efficiency are important. Despite its weight of 133 kg, the equipment can be easily prepared for transport. The device frame is foldable, and the grinding head can be easily detached from the body.

The mounted three-phase motor maintains the maximum speed of 3 grinding discs at 558 rpm. The Redi Lock® system, known from previous products, allows you to change diamond tools without any problems. The PG 510 is also equipped with a strong and adhesive brushed cover that significantly reduces dusting.


Trench roller Husqvarna LP 9505

Trench roller HUSQVARNA LP 9505

Husqvarna LP 9505 due to its weight and construction allows for compaction of all types of soil. Thanks to the articulated construction, there is no risk that the surface will be damaged when turning. Perfect for both dry and wet soils, in particular, clay or silt consistency. The powerful and economic Kubota D1105 diesel engine allows for uninterrupted operation throughout the day.

The LP 9505 roller is remotely controlled, which certainly improves the comfort and safety of workers. The operator can freely control the operation of the device and choose the best place for it. A rechargeable battery powers the remote control. Service of the machine should not cause problems. Access to critical service points is effortless, and all consumable parts have been marked.

Drill stand HUSQVARNA DS 500


DS 500 is a medium-sized tripod, perfect for drilling in a wide range. The lightweight construction is also very stable and durable. It enables drilling in walls, floor and ceiling. The tripod is designed for drilling holes up to 500 mm in diameter. The maximum range of arm movement is 706 mm.

Power cutter HUSQVARNA K770 DRY CUT


Husqvarna K 770 Dry Cut is a medium-sized cutter with a weight of less than 12 kg, designed for dry cutting. A plus is the number of innovations that certainly make operating the equipment safe and comfortable. The device has been equipped with an effective dust removal function. This is due to the strong airflow (170 m³/min), which blows out dust and dirt into a unique bag. The maximum cutting depth for this model is 122 mm while supporting a blade with a diameter of up to 300 mm.

The K 770 Dry Cut drives a 3.7 kW two-stroke engine with a capacity of 74 cm³. Also, the boot system is very durable and reliable. Electronic control of the ignition system was used, and the starter itself is tightly closed and equipped with a durable cable. This makes this element virtually maintenance-free. Optimal engine performance is possible thanks to the efficient cylinder design and the X-Torq technology used, which provides more power while reducing fuel consumption by up to 20%. The cutter has also been equipped with a blade retarder, which significantly reduces the time the blade stops after turning off the device.

Walk-Behind floor saw HUSQVARNA FS 500E


The FS 500 E is a robust and reliable power cutter. The most significant novelty is the 7.5 kW three-phase electric motor used in this model, which ensures enormous efficiency and meets the requirements of the zero-emission standard. Perfect for closed or poorly ventilated rooms. The maximum cutting depth is 190 mm, and the blade diameter is 500 mm. The cutter has an integrated water container, and thanks to the optimized liquid flow, no connection to an external source is required. The easily adjustable handle allows you to take a comfortable position on the cutting side and a more precise cut.

FS 500 E equipment is compatible with the Husqvarna Connect application, thanks to which it is possible to have constant access to working time statistics, real-time notifications or the machine's protection function against unauthorized access.

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