Impact wrenches for home and industry - choose wisely!
Impact wrenches for home and industry - choose wisely!

Impact wrenches for home and industry - choose wisely!

Electric or pneumatic impact wrenches are used in many fields of industry and construction. These tools are visible primarily in car and vulcanization workshops. They significantly facilitate the work of loosening and tightening screws and have much higher torque than commonly used screwdrivers or drills.

Electric impact wrenches – features, construction

Impact wrenches powered by electricity, look like a small drill. The torque range in these devices ranges from 400 to even over 1000 Nm. On the market there are both wired devices, powered directly from the network and battery impact wrenches, drawing energy from the battery. In particular, we recommend you to be interested in impact wrenches with brushless motors. They are much more efficient and durable than varieties with classic engines. The nominal power of electric impact wrenches usually ranges from 4001000 W.

The advantage of this type of impact wrenches is that they can be used anywhere. They do not require a connection to a compressed air source. All you need is a power outlet or, for rechargeable batteries, a charged battery. Unfortunately, this type of key weighs more than the pneumatic impact wrenches discussed below because of its engine.

Pneumatic impact wrenches – features, application

The biggest advantage of a pneumatic impact wrench is the lack of a motor. This makes this equipment very rarely breaks down, and also it is noticeably lighter than versions with electric drive. Besides, it also has more torque. Unfortunately, pneumatic impact wrenches require a compressed air hose to work. This means that their mobility is quite limited. It is also worth adding that the compressed air should have a sufficiently high pressure, reaching up to about 0.8 bar. Otherwise, the impact wrench may not work properly. Pneumatic impact wrenches are designed for more professional applications, while electrical versions are better suited to a home workshop.

The most important parameters of impact wrenches

What parameters should be taken into account when choosing an impact wrench? First of all, on the type of drive. Cordless impact wrenches have the greatest mobility, while mains powered or pneumatic wrenches have the greatest power. An important parameter is a maximum torque, which indicates the available force for screwing and unscrewing the screws. Another factor is the speed of rotation, which speaks of the speed at which the key turns. The higher this value is, the quicker we will unscrew or screw the screw. Some models have the function of adapting the speed of rotation to specific tasks. When buying an impact wrench, it is good to consider its weight as well. If we plan to use it often, too much weight will definitely adversely affect the comfort of work.

Ryobi cordless impact wrench

Ryobi cordless impact wrench

Recommended BATTERY impact wrenches

In the beginning it is worth looking at the solution of the Japanese brand Ryobi, which provides proven and reliable equipment to the global market. The Ryobi R18IW3-0 impact wrench has a torque of 400 Nm with a 3-stage adjustment. The maximum rotational speed in 1st gear is 2100 rpm, in 2nd gear 2500 rpm, and in 3rd gear up to 2900 rpm. The device without a battery weighs only 1.6 kg.

The AEG PowerTools BSS18C12Z-0 impact wrench can boast similar parameters. The maximum torque in this model is 360 Nm, and the rotational speed is in the range of 02900 rpm. The stroke frequency is between 03200 beats/min. This model is equipped with an industrial metal gear that ensures longer tool life. The AEG Powertools brand is also known for its high quality and reliability.

Finally, we present a proposal from Milwaukee. The handy and light Milwaukee ″ M12 BIW38-0 impact wrench, weighing only 1 kg, has a torque of 135 Nm. The device operates under a constant voltage of 12 V and is powered by a powerful Milwaukee® M12™ series battery. The current battery level can be easily checked thanks to the indicator on the housing. DIYers will especially appreciate the small dimensions of the device. The housing measures only 165 mm in length.


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