If you compact, do it well! - rollers offer in iSprzet.pl store

If you compact, do it well! - rollers offer in iSprzet.pl store

No professional contractor needs to be convinced that the correct compaction of the soil is an essential stage in the implementation of the investment. Everything depends on that: durability of the road, building or, eg parking lot. To make sure that the land has been properly compacted, and do not have to spend valuable time on continuous improvements, it is worth investing in decent equipment. Which iSprzęt.pl specialists recommend fighters? We invite you for a short review of the most exciting models from our offer.

Two very interesting Bomag models

Bomag is one of the world leaders in the roll industry. We present two, which in our opinion deserve special attention. The first of these is the Bomag BW 65 H model. This roller is perfect for both compactions of soil and asphalt. It will also be useful in paving and gardening - it can be used, for example, to build playgrounds or playgrounds.

The significant advantage of the roller is the double vibration system. The hydrostatic drive also deserves to be distinguished, which enables stepless speed regulation and ensures higher travel speed. As for the technical parameters, the mass of the roller is 757 kg, the centrifugal force is 22 kN, the working width is 650 mm, while the Hatz diesel engine with the power of 6.2 kW enables operation at 55 Hz. Bomag BW 65 H has a built-in water tank with a capacity of 60 litres, making it possible to compact any soil.

On the side of the strengths of this design, we also exchange a maintenance-free gearbox, folding drawbar to facilitate transport and loading and very favourable warranty conditions 3-2-1 (one year warranty on the whole cylinder, two years on the engine and three on the transmission, clutch and vibration drive).

The second model we recommend in the Bomag offer is the BMP 8500, a roller controlled with a weight of 1595 kilograms. Bomag BMP 8500 is ideally suited for working on compacting excavations and soil for foundations, plumbing installations and pipelines.

The Kubota combustion engine with the Bomag Eco mode system was used to drive the roller, which automatically switches the unit to idle mode as soon as a few seconds break in the operation of the remote control takes place. Thanks to this, the machine owner can count on clear fuel savings.

The roller offers the option to quickly expand the drums, which means that in just a few minutes the working width can be increased from 610 to 850 mm.

Remote radio control (the remote control can also be connected to the machine via a cable) is a massive advantage of this design, which significantly increases the operator's safety level. The roller also uses the BOSS system, which automatically stops the drive when the presence of the operator near the machine is detected. In contrast to infrared solutions, a radio-based system is entirely immune to interference.

The 3-2-1 warranty also covers Bomag BMP 8500.

Bomag BMP 8500

Ammann ARX 26 

The ARX 26 is counted among the new rollers of this renowned manufacturer. The operating weight of the model is 2650 kg. The roller offers compaction force of 47 kN. The machine is characterised by its compact dimensions, which are respectively: length 2330 mm, height 2550 mm, wheelbase 1630 mm. The drum has a width of 1200 mm.

The rollers feature a reliable 30 HP Yanmar engine that complies with the EU Stage III emission standard and has low vibration levels. An electric drive lever ensures smooth starting and stopping of the machine, which affects the operator's safety level. Primary functions are operated via an intuitive control panel. The operator uses a rubber platform, which also reduces the level of vibration transmitted to the cabin.

In the cylinder Amman ARX 26, we find a dual drive system and two operating frequencies. In this model, an extensive water system was also used, which allows extending the period of uninterrupted work significantly. Each of the shafts has been equipped with a scraper, while the roll construction meets ROPS safety standards.

Wacker Neuson RD 18-100C

From the Wacker Neuson offer, we will distinguish the RD 18-100C model. It uses a three-point swinging steering system that ensures optimal compaction and excellent stability on uneven ground. This system also guarantees an even distribution of pressure on tires or drums, which is particularly essential when cornering. Effect? Reducing the number of trips and thus reducing labour costs.

Wacker Neuson RD 18-100C is ideally suited for compacting soil in a small space. The drum was hung unilaterally, which allows you to carry out work just next to the curb or wall. The roller also offers a small turning radius, and the high construction makes it easier for the operator to observe the compaction process.

A 14.8 kW motor drives the roller. The working weight of this model is 1630 kilograms, and the working width is 1000 mm. RD 18-100C generates a centrifugal force at the level of 25 kN and has a water tank with a capacity of 70 litres.

Wacker Neuson RD 18-100C

Husqvarna LP 7505

Finally, we left a two-drum guided roller, which we can confidently recommend to contractors who need a machine for compacting the soil in minimal space. The roller is extremely easy to drive and friendly to the operator.

In this model with the designation MAN, a manually-operated Hatz diesel engine with a power of 7.9 kW is used, which has no problem driving a roller weighing 981 kg. The operating frequency is 57 Hz, and the vibration level is 2.6 m / s2. The machine operates at a working speed of 60 (front) or 38 (back) meters per minute. Centrifugal force is 27 kN. In the cylinder, you will find two drums with diameters of 400 and 750 mm.

What deserves special mention is the compact and compact construction of the cylinder, thanks to which there is no risk of hooking any element, e.g. against the building wall. It is also worth mentioning the shock-absorbing handle that protects the operator's joints from injury.

The waltz equipment list includes, among others, drum cleaning scrapers and hydraulic brakes with automatic braking. The operator also has an hour meter and oil control.

Of course, all the described rolls are in the iSprzęt.pl offer.

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