Husqvarna - What news in 2018?

Husqvarna - What news in 2018?

To meet the expectations of customers, Husqvarna presented this year's new products. Many entrepreneurs who build their machine park reported the need for modern models with improved version and intelligent solutions that could improve safety and productivity. With the introduction of enhanced machine versions, many additional tools have been updated to ensure more excellent reliability. We have thoroughly analysed all the new products, and we are pleased that we have the latest generation of devices in our offer. Use our guide to Husqvarna news and get to know the details of the offer.

CG 200 milling machine

Husqvarna introduces the popular milling machine in the new, improved premium version, equipped with a modern 3.6 kW Honda engine and a handle that dampens vibration better. CG 200 is also available in the electronic version - the rental of construction machines was waiting for the return of this solution. Each milling machine is equipped with a vibration dampening handle, hour meter, lockable depth indicator with fine adjustment and quick lift lever for switching the drum on / off.

K 770 power cutter

Husqvarna K770 is already the 10th generation of petrol cutters since their introduction in 1960. Developed based on almost 60 years of experience, cutters are designed for maximum performance in all working conditions and every place in the world. K770 is a machine that is the best example of tradition, heritage, identity and global professional knowledge. The new diesel cutter combines the features of the popular models K 760 and K 970. Noteworthy is the easy-to-start engine X-Torq® with a capacity of 74 cm3 and a reliable, three-bolt mounted bearing and spring-loaded belt tensioning system SmartTensionTM. The new model is also available in the OilGuard version, especially recommended to the rental equipment.

K 970 CHAIN power cutter

The K 970 Chain cutter offers an exceptional cutting depth of up to 450 mm on one side. It can also make openings with dimensions of only 11 cm x 11 cm, entirely dealing with irregular shapes. It is ideally suited to the adjustment of openings for windows and doors when you need to avoid overlapping cuts in the corners. In the new version of the manual chain saw, the guide is fastened with two screws, and the chain is traditionally attached with one screw.

K 4000 power cutter

The new, improved version of the electric cutter is the perfect choice for dry and wet cutting in closed rooms. The machine is powered by a single-phase 2700 W electric motor, with free carbon brushes to protect against wear. Also available in the Cut-n-Break version, for cutting to a greater depth.


The Husqvarna clamp enables fast and stable pipe cutting with little effort. It facilitates cutting pipes up to 350 mm in diameter. Cutting is precise and straightforward, we can use Husqvarna ring saw, or chain saw for work.

W70P vacuum cleaner

It's a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner for wet and wet work, designed for the toughest jobs. This is possible due to the use of high-quality stainless steel components and a unique combination of filter and float that protects the engine. The ingenious solutions make the W70P very easy to use. Pumping out can take place at the same time as suction. The wheels are resistant to punctures. They can be blocked at the front and leave no marks.

S13 vacuum cleaner

This is a very quiet single-phase vacuum cleaner that has been designed to collect a wide range of construction materials and debris. The S 13 model is equipped with the proven and certified HEPA H13 filter. The vacuum cleaner has functions, such as the Jet Pulse pre-filter cleaning system and a vacuum manometer for filter control. The wheels are resistant to punctures. They can be blocked at the front and leave no marks.

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