Husqvarna air cleaning systems - professional dust and pulp removal

Husqvarna air cleaning systems - professional dust and pulp removal

Skuteczne odprowadzanie pyłu i ścieru to jeden z najważniejszych elementów zwiększających bezpieczeństwo i usprawniających pracę w każdych warunkach. Cięcie, wiercenie czy szlifowanie powoduje wytwarzanie pyłu lub szlamu, który przyczynia się do szybszego zużycia narzędzi oraz negatywnie wpływa na zdrowie osób przebywających w otoczeniu. Dzisiaj kiedy coraz większą wagę przykładamy do bezpieczeństwa, firma Husqvarna prezentuje urządzenia do kontroli pyłu, które pomogą zadbać o bezpieczne warunki pracy oraz zwiększą jej wydajność.

Vacuum cleaners from the T-Line series

Machines from the T-Lines series are an ideal choice for the most demanding projects, where the removal of large amounts of dust is crucial. Tools deal with dust particles that are difficult to catch, which arise during grinding and demolition. High-power motors work perfectly with grinders, ideally suited for vacuuming local and central use in construction.
Filter systems are designed for the toughest tasks and absorb dust in three stages, starting with the most massive particles and ending with the smallest ones. This solution ensures high work efficiency and extends filter life. The device is standard equipped with certified HEPA H13 Filters, which are necessary to catch suspended silica air. The vacuum cleaner has been fitted with the Longopac® system, which is a solution that ensures quick replacement of the dust bag.

c3000 and c5500 pre-separators

Husqvarna C3000 and C5500 pre-separators are devices designed for demanding work, where there is a massive amount of dust. These devices capture up to 90% of impurities before they reach the vacuum cleaner, which in turn increases suction performance, extends the life of the engine and prevents frequent maintenance of the filter. The use of a pre-separator increases the vacuum cleaner's ability to work with challenging to control materials, such as soot, liquids or large amounts of light material. The device can be used for dry and wet work and is equipped with the Longopac® system.

Vacuum cleaners from the s-Line series

Husqvarna's professional vacuum cleaners from the S-Line series are compact and light machines that meet stringent requirements. The devices, depending on the version, are equipped with one, two or three single-phase electric motors, with separate cooling. This solution allows the machine to work even throughout the day. Thanks to this, vacuum cleaners are widely used.
Vacuum cleaners from the S-Line series distinguish unusual solutions. The Jet Pulse primary cone cleaning system ensures permanent dust extraction, and the Longopac® system allows you to easily and quickly replace the bag with dirt. All machines have been adapted to work with HEPA H13 filters, which are individually tested and certified. Thanks to this, dust extraction is effective and safe.

Husqvarna A-Line portable air purifiers

Husqvarna from the A-Line series is one of the most modern portable air purifiers on the market. The devices have undergone several tests and have been approved for work with other purifiers that use pressure or vacuum. These features make the A-Line series ideally complement each other with other dust and pulp removal machines. Air purifiers significantly improve the safety of people staying in dusty rooms. The compact design ensures more comfortable transport of the device to the workplace.
The device has been adapted to use HEPA H13 filters. Husqvarna air cleaners ensure the highest filtration quality and filtered air complies with ISO 5 class 100. For best results and maximum safety, the number of detergents should be calculated so that all air in the workplace is filtered at least 6 to 10 times per hour.

Vacuum cleaners from the w-Line series

Husqvarna W-Line vacuum cleaners are designed for the toughest jobs an industrial vacuum cleaner can carry out. Where most wet vacuum cleaners only handle water drainage, the W-Line models will handle solid rubbers, oils and coolants for machines. Famous for their high quality, durability and performance, the W-Line machine has gained the status of contemporary classics.
Thanks to the use of high-quality stainless steel components, a unique 3-stage filtration system and a high flow of pulp, with thoughtful solutions for pumps, W-Line vacuum cleaners provide efficient, continuous removal of pulp throughout the day. W-Line vacuum cleaners can also be occasionally used to remove dust, after fitting an optional HEPA H13 filter.

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