How to retract with a trailer - useful tips

How to retract with a trailer - useful tips

Is driving a vehicle with a trailer a new experience for you? Are you afraid that you are stuck in a tight place and you have to retreat? It turns out that it is not so scary at all. Familiarise yourself with the basic principles and master this art to perfection. The most important thing when performing a reversing manoeuvre is to maintain peace and full concentration. Step back slowly, make delicate movements with the steering wheel, then wait for the trailer to react.

Before driving, familiarise yourself with the trailer and practice manoeuvres on a large square. The most important thing is that certain skills become our blood; we should always strive for perfection. In the beginning, find a large square, without obstacles and without an audience to practice basic manoeuvres. Do not hesitate; just act and observe the effects.

If there is a real situation in front of you, when you have to retire, make sure that the trailer is in the right direction.

Follow the next steps

  • Drive up to the front so that the vehicle set is straight. If it works, half of your success is behind you.
  • Imagine that the steering wheel in your vehicle is a trailer: the top of the steering wheel is the front of the trailer, and the bottom part is the back.
  • Grip the steering wheel at the very bottom and start moving backwards slowly on straightened wheels.
  • Gently turn the steering wheel. To make the trailer turn left, keep your hand to the left, and if you want to turn right, do the same movement to the right. Simple, right?
  • Step back slowly and wait for the trailer to react to the steering wheel movement. Control the situation in the exterior mirrors. Remember what a more extended trailer, the higher the delay during manoeuvres.
  • Straighten the trailer by moving in the opposite direction. Correct the path with fine movements.

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Remember to take care.

When reversing, also observe the front wheel arch of the vehicle you are moving. It is essential to focus your attention on the entire lineup, not just on the trailer. This will avoid a collision with another vehicle parked next to it.

Good to know

  • The response time of the trailer for manoeuvres depends on its length. Short trailers respond quickly to steering movements. In the case of a long trailer, however, the reaction is much longer.
  • The most common mistake made by inexperienced drivers is too nervous about manoeuvring the steering wheel. The worst thing that can happen to us is the folding of a trailer like a penknife. Then go ahead and start all over again.

Ask for help

If you have any doubts about whether you can manoeuvre correctly, ask someone for help. The person who helps you should be visible and the characters he uses must be understandable. If the set of vehicles is long and the place where you have to stop is tight - the final setting should be done manually if possible. If this is just the beginning of your adventure with a trailer, ask someone who knows how to sit down with you in the car and help you during manoeuvring.

Driving with a trailer is not difficult. However, it requires self-control, a great deal of attention and patience. If you are interested in buying a new trailer, check what offers we have prepared for you.

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