How to properly load the trailer?

How to properly load the trailer?


When deciding to buy a trailer, we must specify what we will use it for and what loads will be transported. Recently, on our blog, we published a list of the most popular trailer for various applications of the renowned manufacturer Brenderup. After purchasing the trailer, we must ensure adequate protection of the goods to guarantee a safe journey. Here are some practical tips on how to best spread and secure the load.


Heavy loads (as in the picture above) should be placed in the middle of the trailer or in front of the axle that connects a pair of wheels. Make sure that the load on the towing hook does not exceed the permitted weight. A well-spaced amount will make the hook adequately loaded. (Check the range in the instruction manual, on the hook or in the registration certificate).

What happens when you spread the load wrong?

Overloading the rear of the trailer will make the load on the towing hook too small. The rear wheels of your car will be lifted upwards, which in turn will translate into more reduced driving comfort, and in the worst case scenario, it can even result in loss of control of the vehicle.

Overloading the trailer at the front will make the towbar load too slowly, which in turn translates into a deterioration of the car's handling. The front wheels will lose their grip, and your headlamps will blind drivers from the approaching vehicles.


When transporting heavy loads, you must ensure adequate protection so that the goods do not mix over the trailer. The protection must be able to withstand at least double the weight of the load (100% in front and 50% in the back and sides)

Distribute the load evenly towards the side panels of the trailer and fasten with straps using the fixing brackets. Make sure that the belts do not rub against sharp edges. Goods that do not occupy the entire trailer should be additionally secured with wooden wedges, etc.


Light loads such as empty boxes, garden waste or rubbish are recommended to be protected with a net, tarpaulin or ropes. The net makes it easier to secure the load; however, remember that the cargo carried on open platforms must be obtained from above.

Mark extend loads

Loads that protrude for the trailer over 1m. should be marked with a flag or material and after dark with visible red lights. The lights on the trailer are too low to reflect light from the lamps of other vehicles. Loads protruding from the front should be marked with a flag in the daytime and with white lights after dark.


  • Check that the ball hook is fastened.
  • Make sure the cables are correctly connected, and the lights are working properly.
  • Check whether the safety cable has been connected.


  • The trailer should be connected to the towbar of the car during loading so as not to overload the support wheel.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by overloading the trailer.

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