Good adhesive is a certain bond - Chemdal

Good adhesive is a certain bond - Chemdal

iSprzę is an online store that offers thousands of branded products, those directly from the construction industry, but also used in other sectors, the automotive industry, during renovation works and duties. This is a type of adhesives. In our offer, you will find a Polish manufacturer Chemdal, about which you will learn a bit more from this article.

Chemdal is a company that has been operating since 2001 and specialises in the production and distribution of chemistry. Under this calculation, there are adhesives, seals, activators, rust removers, removers, UV, which accelerate the action of UV adhesives.

cyanoacrylate adhesives

Special cyanoacrylate adhesives are very hot adhesives, often called "instant adhesives". They are widely used in various fields and are also used at home during minor repairs or hobby activities such as folding models. You can combine (glue) most of the materials, even those that belong to the category of difficult-to-stick materials. Chemdal marked this group of adhesives with the name Chemdal Unimer. It is distinguished by the fact that it is suitable for specialist use, where the speed of curing, working temperature or colour is essential. Virtually all adhesives of this series are transparent (the exception is Unimer 580, which is black), they operate at a temperature of -50 ° C to even 105 ° C (Unimer 580 and Unimer 584) and can combine rubber, plastics and metals. The most durable (2.25 kg / mm2) adhesives are in turn: Unimer 501, Unimer 506, Unimer 509, Unimer 512, Unimer 524.

When choosing the glue, it is worth taking a look at parameters such as viscosity, joining speed and strength. It is these three features, next to the use of a given glue, that will best represent the properties of the chosen technical chemistry.

MEthacrylate adhesives

Methacrylic adhesives (two-component adhesives) are products called structural adhesives. Uniscot 310 and Uniscot 312 are available. The second one will also bond metals. They are characterised by the highest quality and durability, which is why they will prove themselves in the automotive, rail, shipbuilding, construction, electronics and even in the aviation industry. The advantages of this group of adhesives are resistance to static and dynamic loads, resistance to changing thermal conditions (even up to 1500 °C), high chemical resistance, adequate susceptibility to deformation while maintaining joint stiffness. Depending on the type of adhesive, curing takes place after the catalyst has been applied. The catalyst may be another component, heat, chemical activator or UV rays. On our website, you will find these adhesives in the group of two-component resins, where one substance is an adhesive, and the other is an activator.

polyurethane adhesives

Polyurethane adhesives (two-component adhesives) like methacrylic adhesives need an activator in the form of a second component for the reaction to occur (except for Unipur 100). The manufacturer offers in this series two adhesives: Unipur DUO A/B and Unipur 100. The former is intended for glueing insulation materials, drywall, GFK plates with sheet metal, with primed concrete and other materials. Unipur 100 is an exception because it is a one-component adhesive. It can combine, among others, powder-coated aluminium, concrete, boards, wood with other materials. Due to its properties, polyurethane adhesives can be used in many areas such as construction, furniture, window production and shipbuilding.

anaerobic adhesives

This brand designates anaerobic adhesives as Chemdal Uniloc. They can be used as thread protection (Uniloc 2G22, Uniloc 2G43, Uniloc 2G70, Uniloc 2G72, Uniloc 2G90) - they prevent self-loosening of bolts and additionally protect threads against vibrations and impact loads. Thanks to the liquid consistency, they melt and fill in the gaps. One example of using this adhesive is securing the nut at the oil pan valve in each car. Uniloc products are also used for planting and securing bearings (Uniloc 6L01, Uniloc 6L20, Uniloc 6L38, Uniloc 6L48, Uniloc 6L80), bushes and coaxial parts. An additional advantage is that they eliminate frictional corrosion. The next group are Uniloc 542 sealing compounds, Uniloc 572, Uniloc 577, which fill and seal the spaces between the various elements and provide an immediate low-pressure seal. They can seal, among others, pipe installations, including gas ones.

The advantages of Uniloc sealants are:

  • clean and easy application,
  • they do not shrink or block piping,
  • can be used for pipe installations of all sizes,
  • they replace all types of tapes and hemp and sealing pastes,
  • they are resistant to vibrations and impact loads,
  • protect the cooperating threaded joints against corrosion.

It is also worth mentioning sealing preparations, which we commonly call "liquid gaskets". They are ideal for sealing flat surfaces and wherever the use of a classic gasket is impossible or unprofitable. We have Uniloc 518 or Uniloc 575 available.

UV adhesives

UV adhesives called Chemdal Unimer UV are adhesives that need ultraviolet radiation for proper hardening. Appropriate exposure to light of sufficient intensity and appropriate wavelengths can quickly act and bind very strongly to UV glue, even stronger than glued materials. The most popular combinations of UV adhesives are combinations of glass with glass, glass with metal and glass with other hard articles. It is crucial in this process that the glass transmits UV light. Therefore it can be successfully used in this type of joints. When it comes to specific models, one should look for adhesives named: Unimer 311, Unimer 349, Unimer 350, Unimer 351, Unimer 352.

iSprzę tries to provide you, dear customers, with the most valuable information on the products offered. We are convinced that articles such as this one will give the necessary knowledge in a simplified way and allow you to choose the right equipment, tool or substance such as glue. We also encourage you to contact our specialists who can provide detailed data and advise you when shopping.

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