Single Direction Vibratory Plate Ammann APF 20/50 (+ elastomer + hammer Simplex 60 mm)

Catalogue number: APF 20/50 [zestaw1]
EAN: 5904541427027
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3 108,81 €
2 427,59 €
Net price: 2 527,49 € 1 973,65 €
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The Ammann APF 20/50 is the highest power among APF series. The working width is 500 mm, and the centrifugal force is 20 kN. The technologically advanced generator used in the thicker is entirely maintenance-free. The Excation System also provides the significant front driving force to increase efficiency when working in harsh materials or on steep slopes. Ammann thickening machines are the industry leader in the lowest hand/arm vibration levels. These levels are so minimal that devices will meet the strictest requirements for many years. Thanks to the key options, the machine is versatile. The supplied elastomer plate can be installed without the need for any tools, provides quick adaptation when working with paving stones. The sprinkler system (optional) also allows working on asphalt. The APF 20/50 has a Honda engine with a power of 3.7 kW (5 HP), with the highest power in the new APF range.

Variant Description: Honda GX 160 petrol engine with 5 HP + elastomer + Hammer

Technical characteristics

Surface pressure
8.1 N/cm²
Vibration frequency max.
90 Hz
Maximum slant in each direction
Engine power
3.7 kW (at 3250 rpm)
Surface capacity
1020 m²/h
Engine model & manufacturer
Honda GX 160
Centrifugal force
20 kN
Sprinkler system
10 l (optional)
0 – 27 m/min
Hand-arm vibrations
3.1 m/s²
30 %
Plate width
500 mm
Length x width x height
879 x 500 x 645 mm
88 kg (single direction vibratory plate)


  • Unreliable power. The APF line is powered by the reliable and efficient Honda petrol engines. A durable safety frame prevents engine damage during operation or transport and ultimately extends machine durability.
  • Sprinkler System (optional). The tank and sprinkler are combined into one unit that can be added or removed without the use of any tools or even adjustment of one bolt. Sprinklers provide complete surface coverage. They can be started by simple rotation of the rod. Tanks with a capacity of 10 litres increase the gap between the next filling.
  • Install the elastomer plate without tools. This optional mat can be mounted in seconds, prepares the paving machine and protects the edges of the cubes from cracking. Installation of the elastomer plate is effortless: the mat wraps around the foot and secures the two hooks. The elastomer plate is delivered free of charge to the thicken.


  • Reduced unwanted vibrations. Ammann thickening machines are the leader in the field of the lowest hand/arm vibration levels. These levels are so small that the tools will meet the strictest regulations for many years. Reduced vibration values (less than 2.5 m/sec ²) Are the result of the "Z" buffer in the handle. This patented system enables long-term operation without risk to the operator's health or the need for working time documentation. For more straightforward transport, you can assemble the handle.
  • Easy to transport. The central, easy-to-use transport hook facilitates the lifting of the thicking when charging to the vehicle or removing the trench. The thicker is small enough to fit in any size vehicle.
  • High manoeuvring. The dominant driving force of the front thicker increases efficiency and allows for consistent results even on steep slopes. The base plate is designed to increase forward motion performance. The handle located close to the base plate allows the operator to manoeuvre the thicken even in confined areas.

Easy operation

  • Optimised base plate. The plates are made of various materials, from abrasive aggregates to clay. The abrasive plate is designed to last as long as possible, with thicker protection towards the rear of the plate where the most wear is present.
  • Self-cleaning base plate. The base plate design automatically transfers loose material from the plate during thickening work. This helps keep the machine clean and prevents free stuff from being stuck between the machine components.
  • Maintenance-free excation system. The lift unit provides the company with a leading position in the industry through forwarding movements, speed and the possibility of overcoming hills. The long-lasting optimised ball bearing is tightly closed, blocking air and water input, and eliminating the need for servicing.



The hammer was created for paving work. Its undoubted advantage is interchangeable tips. The hammer is equipped with a wooden handle and a casing of high quality cast iron.


  • Black rubber tips for vibration dampening and abrasion-resistant
  • Handle made of high-quality wood head
  • Bolted cast iron housing
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